Thursday, July 22, 2010


     I recently rediscovered an old favorite TV show, titled Daria, which used to air on MTV when I was younger. I found out that the entire series including the two TV movies were out on DVD! Yay! Of course I had to get it and watch all of it. I loved it just as much as before. The main character, Daria, for whom the show is named, is an amazing and hilarious character, but not in the typical way (which is why I…and many others, love her). Daria is an intelligent, monotone, and very sarcastic teenager. Her specific brand of humor is smart and witty, but in a way that some people might not get or understand. Personally, I love her. Intelligent, Funny, Sarcastic: what more could you want in a character.
     (I felt like describing all the characters, so here…) Daria has reddish brown hair to about her shoulders and constantly wears her green trench type coat with a black skirt and black boots (that scream 90s grunge). Her look is completed by her ever present round glasses. Her voice is almost always monotone, which compliments her humor, except for the few times where she is scared and yells or makes that “eeepp” noise. Now, the other characters are…well…an interesting bunch of stereotypes and funny people. Daria’s sister, Quinn, is the typical shallow mallrat, popular girl who cares only about herself and her hair…haha! Quinn usually wears a cropped pink T-shirt with a smiley face, jeans, and some type of clogs. **Note: Beginning in season 4, her shirt changed to a slightly darker pink ¾ length sleeve shirt that doesn’t show as much midriff.** She has light orange (red?) hair with bangs. She has a high pitched often screechy voice that often makes you want to claw your eyes out…though not as bad as Brittany’s…haha! Quinn is usually the most selfish airhead one could possibly imagine but, throughout the series she has a few moments where she is a little compassionate or a smidge of intelligence shines through her shiny fake exterior. She is vice president of the fashion club at her school, which is a group of four girls who sit around and sometimes discuss fashion in a ridiculous way (I’m all for fashion but they’re not the brightest girls). She is a little more like her sister than she cares to admit and is not as fake and awfully slow as some of her friends or classmates. If she tried, she could be more deep and intelligent but, she hides it to fit in most of the time. Daria’s parents, Jake and Helen, can be a tad daft, but they sometimes get a clue, Helen more than Jake. Helen is a lawyer who cares a lot about her career and is smart but a little crazy at times. She does not relate to Daria because she is a little more like Quinn but is also a little more concerned with intelligence over appearance. Jake is some kind of businessman (I’m not sure if they ever define exactly what he does) and is hilariously insane and tends to over react to everything. That concludes Daria’s family…now onto the other characters.
     While Daria is somewhat of an outsider, she finds a friend in Jane, an artistic girl with a similar sense of humor to Daria’s. She’s a little more outgoing than Daria but is just as sarcastic though with more expression. Jane’s brother, Trent is a typical guy in a band who sleeps all day and plays shows in crappy bars, etc. at night. He is of some undetermined age, though he is older than Daria and Jane but, I do not think it is mentioned how much older. Daria has a crush on him throughout the series until she gets a boyfriend. She eventually realizes through that it was just a crush and that they did not really belong together (in a daydream she has in one episode where she is a scientist or something like that and Trent is sleeping on the couch with a beer and is!). I would have liked to see them together at least for an episode or two but, oh well. Jane’s parents are not very important to the show, or their children’s lives, but they're interesting. Jane’s mom, Amanda, is very artistic like her daughter, but is more of a hippie, peace, and love kind of girl. Her dad, Vincent, is less important and even less present than her mom in all his children’s lives and the show. They probably didn’t even deserve that much of a mention, but I tend to overanalyze and describe everything. Next, there’s the most common high school stereotype of all, the popular dumb cheerleader and her even more slow and dumb quarterback boyfriend. Brittany, the cheerleader, has blond hair (shocker!), which she constantly wears in high pigtails. She, of course, always wears her cheerleading outfit to school and Kevin, her boyfriend, wears his football uniform complete with shoulder pads every day. Next, there’s Jodie and her boyfriend Mack. Jodie is Daria’s friend, though not as close as Jane, they get along probably because they are both very intelligent and well read. But, Jodie is much more involved in school and everything else than Daria. She is one of only a few African American students at their school and feels pressure from both her parents and herself to be the perfect example of a perfect well rounded intelligent girl for others to look up to. Mack is on the football team with Kevin and is one of the only team members who does well in school.
     The other members of the fashion club and Quinn’s friends are Sandi, Stacy, and Tiffany. Sandi is president and is eternally jealous of Quinn’s popularity and looks, though she would never let her know it. She is rather controlling and speaks in one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard…though that was probably intentional. Stacy, secretary of the club, is usually submissive to Sandi’s orders for fear of losing her popularity and spot in the club, though she eventually stands up to her towards the end of the show. Lastly, there’s Tiffany…oh my...she is an interesting character. She is the least intelligent of the group and possibly the shallowest. She speaks in an awfully slow voice that makes you want to strangle her or yourself by the time she finishes a sentence…so it probably good that she usually only says a few words to agree with whomever is speaking.
     The last few characters I think that are worth mentioning are the faculty of Daria’s school. First, there’s Ms. Li, president of Lllllawwnnndale High (she drags it out like that when she says it lol). She is constantly obsessed with things like fund-raising and making herself and the school look good, but not really with the students or their education. Next, there’s Mr. O’Neill, the overly sensitive slightly crazy English teacher. He is constantly talking about feelings and crying, and can never really relate to or help his students. Then there’s the complete opposite of Mr. O’Neill, the history teacher, Mr. DeMartino. He is constantly extremely angry, always yelling at his students while his one eye bulges out of his head, lol! He frequently complains about his life and choice of career. Lastly, there’s Ms. Barch, the science teacher and obsessive man-hater due to her divorce after years of marriage, which she constantly brings up and blames on all other men.
     So, that’s my take on the characters, which I believe are the most interesting and best part of the show. You don’t watch Daria for the animation, or music, but to watch the often hilarious, interesting, and sarcastic lives of the characters unfold. I recommend this show to everyone, whether you’re in high school now, graduated a few years ago, or even a few decades ago…Daria is a great show because she says what you thought or wish you could say. Plus, if you’re a fan of sarcasm…why haven’t you watched this yet?! You can get the complete series on Amazon (above or below, it’s cheaper!) or in stores. I definitely recommend it…I’ve already hooked a few people on this show with one episode. 

                                                            Xoxo Gabriella (lalalalala…you’re standing on my neck!)
                                                                                                (P.S. I love the theme song!)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Accessories and Makeup Collection!

     So, this is my first blog post and I thought it would be fun to share my accessory and makeup collection with whomever out there wants to see it. I have been collecting these items for years and I am not trying to brag (just in case anyone thought so). I really love looking at other people’s collections of various things I thought it would be nice to share mine. I took quite a few pictures so you could see everything (and because it was fun!).

This is my bureau where I initially kept all my accessories until my collection grew a little…


Here's some closer pictures of some of the stuff on the top of my bureau.

Those Mariah Carey earrings form Claire's used to be my favorite earrings because they were the biggest pink chandeliers I could find! lol

I keep three jewelry boxes on my bureau. This is the one on the right and it contains random things I didn't want or need to display.

The one in the center is mainly to hold earrings and random things and has two drawers at the bottom.

The wooden box on the left contains some more jewelry (costume and real).

I keep all my perfume on a glass oval thing I found at A.C. Moore. I have Vera Wang Princess (front center, my favorite!), Paris Hilton Can Can (front left), Betsey Johnson (front right), a Baby Phat perfume (back left), a perfume from Bath & Body Works (behind Princess), Britney Spears Fantasy (back right), and Hilary Duff With Love (back center).I love my Coco Chanel neckalce I found at a flea market! :) Strawberry Necklace! (Claire's)
On top of this box, I keep some nail polish, a body spray, a bunch of rings (real & costume), some jewelry in boxes, and my Mickey bracelet from Disney World!

I love this pink ring, it's so adorable!

I keep a cluster of bracelets on the right side of my bureau because it's cute...and because I ran out of places to put them! haha! (They're from Forever 21)

I keep a bunch of my flower hairclips in a little basket here.

This is a purple basket that contains a lot of body sprays and I piled a bunch of things on it like cute pens, bangles, my Disney necklace bag, etc.

This is one of my favorite peices I own mostly because I adore anything Disney, especially the castle, and because it's sparkly and pretty.

Here's the first drawer at the bottom of the jewelry box in the middle of my bureau. I keep a few necklaces, earrings, etc in there.

Here is a beautiful gold necklace my father got me when we vacationed in Italy. It's a pretty flower and the chain is a twisted rope of gold and silver (though it's hard to see in the picture)

These are a pair of earrings a friend from elementary school gave me for a birthday.

This is a coral necklace my parents brought me when they went on vacation to Mexico.

Thebottom drawer is not as exciting, it just contains some old sunglasses in a case and a necklace.

I think I got this necklace at my First Holy Communion.

Here's some jewelery I keep in that white box next to the middle jewelry box. There's two silver bracelets, a cross pendant, and a necklace.

I love this pink and gold necklace my mom bought me for my eighth grade graduation.

This is a picture I keep on my bureau of my sister and I before a dance in eighth grade. On the picture are: a flower clip, a "Tiffany's" necklace (from the flea market), and some Mickey earrings form Disney World.

I keep both these purple earrings and this pearl ring (from when I was a baby) behind the picture.

Like Blair Waldorf (anyone watch Gossip Girl?), I have a little obsession with headbands!

I love that pink flowered necklace (from Claire's), the Mickey & Minnie necklace ( from Disney World), and my long pearl necklace (Claire's). I also have an obsession with pearls...they're just so elegant and feminine.

I love the elegance of this necklace (from Kohl's). I call it my Queen necklace, lol!

I adore this cute unicorn pendant that my grandmother gave me.

My pearl Mickey necklace! Disney & pearls!!! what more could I want! :)

Here's the inside of the wooden jewelry box on the left. The first shelf has a few necklaces.

The second and third shelves contain random costume jewelry and some other random jewelry in boxes, among other things.

In the top three drawers of the white jewelry boxi keep ponytails, bracelets, and ribbons for my hair.

Here's a pretty bracelet i found in there while taking these pictures. :)

The first drawer in the secon row contains old earrings I don't wear that often but for some reason or other, I keep them.
The next drawer contains little black hair ties and tiny hairclips.This one has old headbands in it.This dwaers contains some old necklaces.These two necklaces I made with my friend when I was younger.Here's some attemps at closer pictuers of some of my rings. This one is one I wear very often that my father got me one Christmas.
This is my high school class ring.Next to my bureau, I keep a few purses and this bucket which contins some hats.

Here's my purse I'm currently using. I love Betsey Johnson!
Next to my bureau, I have a shelf that is slowly turing into a second bureau to keep my accessories!

I love this jewelry box with the flower on it. I got it at A.C. Moore.

This is my cute little mannequin thing that holds necklaces and bracelets.

Here's some closer pictures of some stuff on it. This is a purple heart necklace I got in Italy.

This is a tinkerbell necklace, I love her! :)

Here's one of my favorite gold necklaces I have. My mom gave it to me for a birthday.

Here's my charm bracelet that my dad got me for my 16th birthday.

Here's the rest of the shelves of the bookcase.


I love this Cinderella Castle snowglobe I got in Disney World!

This necklace is amazing! It's so big and fun!

Here's what's inside the jewelry box...

Butterfly necklace from Italy!

More bracelets!

My "movie star hat" lol!
Here's a cute pink clutch and my failed attempt (from a while ago) at making a bib necklace! I just can't bear to throw it out, so I keep it on my bed, lol!Some more purses! a cute aqua Guess purse and... My Snow White purse from Disney World! I love this so much, I carried it all fall and winter long. :)

A beautiful black shell purse given to me by a good friend and teacher <3

Here's my umbrella I got in Epcot at Disney World and a little sparkly pink clutch.

Here's a pretty necklace and flowers someone gave me from Hawaii.
Here's my endtable, which of course has accessories on it.

On my lamp, I keep my Twilight Alice Cullen necklace and a pink necklace from Forever 21.

One sad lonely pair of earrings in this little jewelry holder thing. lol This is my vanity/makeup table (I plan to reorganize my makeup in the future but here it is for now)

Random hairclips and earrings...
 More makeup in this drawer thing...the palette in the back is from the brand Flirt! from Kohl's.

The first drawer has random makeup stuff...lip balm, gloss, sharpeners, eyelash curlers, etc... The second drawer contains my Coastal Scent palettes and a beauties factory palette.

The third drawer has random eyeshadow and a makeup bag.

  Eyeliners, lipliners, MAC lip conditioner, and white eyeshadow i use a lot

A bunch of blushes and face powder

Mascaras and lipsticks


All my MAc eyeshadow stuff...(not that much but I hope it expands eventually lol!)

Random eyeshadows, glitter, etc...

All my foundations, some false eyelashes, etc...


Some brushes and an Urban Decay pallette

The brushes I use most often

My spin-y makeup thing! lol

Another jewelry holder with some earrings, a necklace, a bracelet...

My Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette! Love it!

 My Beauties Factory 120 eyeshadow palette

 Coastal Scents 88 shimmer palette

Coastal Scents 88 Warm palette Coastal Scents 10 Blush palette  Necklaces on the box from my perfume

     Well...hopefully you made it to the end of this obnoxiously long post. I went a little crazy with the pictures because I wanted to make sure you could see everything. If anyone has any questions about anything I would be happy to answer them. I got most of the costume jewelry at places like Claire's, Forever 21, Kohl's, Target, Dots, Fashion Bug, etc. I also have a few things from other random stores I shop at like DEB, Torrid, Lane Bryant, flea markets, etc. If you have a specific question about where something is from or any other question feel free to comment below. You can also leave a request of what other types of posts you would like me to do. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! :)
                                                                                                                            xoxo Gabriella