Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Accessories and Makeup Collection!

     So, this is my first blog post and I thought it would be fun to share my accessory and makeup collection with whomever out there wants to see it. I have been collecting these items for years and I am not trying to brag (just in case anyone thought so). I really love looking at other people’s collections of various things I thought it would be nice to share mine. I took quite a few pictures so you could see everything (and because it was fun!).

This is my bureau where I initially kept all my accessories until my collection grew a little…


Here's some closer pictures of some of the stuff on the top of my bureau.

Those Mariah Carey earrings form Claire's used to be my favorite earrings because they were the biggest pink chandeliers I could find! lol

I keep three jewelry boxes on my bureau. This is the one on the right and it contains random things I didn't want or need to display.

The one in the center is mainly to hold earrings and random things and has two drawers at the bottom.

The wooden box on the left contains some more jewelry (costume and real).

I keep all my perfume on a glass oval thing I found at A.C. Moore. I have Vera Wang Princess (front center, my favorite!), Paris Hilton Can Can (front left), Betsey Johnson (front right), a Baby Phat perfume (back left), a perfume from Bath & Body Works (behind Princess), Britney Spears Fantasy (back right), and Hilary Duff With Love (back center).I love my Coco Chanel neckalce I found at a flea market! :) Strawberry Necklace! (Claire's)
On top of this box, I keep some nail polish, a body spray, a bunch of rings (real & costume), some jewelry in boxes, and my Mickey bracelet from Disney World!

I love this pink ring, it's so adorable!

I keep a cluster of bracelets on the right side of my bureau because it's cute...and because I ran out of places to put them! haha! (They're from Forever 21)

I keep a bunch of my flower hairclips in a little basket here.

This is a purple basket that contains a lot of body sprays and I piled a bunch of things on it like cute pens, bangles, my Disney necklace bag, etc.

This is one of my favorite peices I own mostly because I adore anything Disney, especially the castle, and because it's sparkly and pretty.

Here's the first drawer at the bottom of the jewelry box in the middle of my bureau. I keep a few necklaces, earrings, etc in there.

Here is a beautiful gold necklace my father got me when we vacationed in Italy. It's a pretty flower and the chain is a twisted rope of gold and silver (though it's hard to see in the picture)

These are a pair of earrings a friend from elementary school gave me for a birthday.

This is a coral necklace my parents brought me when they went on vacation to Mexico.

Thebottom drawer is not as exciting, it just contains some old sunglasses in a case and a necklace.

I think I got this necklace at my First Holy Communion.

Here's some jewelery I keep in that white box next to the middle jewelry box. There's two silver bracelets, a cross pendant, and a necklace.

I love this pink and gold necklace my mom bought me for my eighth grade graduation.

This is a picture I keep on my bureau of my sister and I before a dance in eighth grade. On the picture are: a flower clip, a "Tiffany's" necklace (from the flea market), and some Mickey earrings form Disney World.

I keep both these purple earrings and this pearl ring (from when I was a baby) behind the picture.

Like Blair Waldorf (anyone watch Gossip Girl?), I have a little obsession with headbands!

I love that pink flowered necklace (from Claire's), the Mickey & Minnie necklace ( from Disney World), and my long pearl necklace (Claire's). I also have an obsession with pearls...they're just so elegant and feminine.

I love the elegance of this necklace (from Kohl's). I call it my Queen necklace, lol!

I adore this cute unicorn pendant that my grandmother gave me.

My pearl Mickey necklace! Disney & pearls!!! what more could I want! :)

Here's the inside of the wooden jewelry box on the left. The first shelf has a few necklaces.

The second and third shelves contain random costume jewelry and some other random jewelry in boxes, among other things.

In the top three drawers of the white jewelry boxi keep ponytails, bracelets, and ribbons for my hair.

Here's a pretty bracelet i found in there while taking these pictures. :)

The first drawer in the secon row contains old earrings I don't wear that often but for some reason or other, I keep them.
The next drawer contains little black hair ties and tiny hairclips.This one has old headbands in it.This dwaers contains some old necklaces.These two necklaces I made with my friend when I was younger.Here's some attemps at closer pictuers of some of my rings. This one is one I wear very often that my father got me one Christmas.
This is my high school class ring.Next to my bureau, I keep a few purses and this bucket which contins some hats.

Here's my purse I'm currently using. I love Betsey Johnson!
Next to my bureau, I have a shelf that is slowly turing into a second bureau to keep my accessories on...lol!

I love this jewelry box with the flower on it. I got it at A.C. Moore.

This is my cute little mannequin thing that holds necklaces and bracelets.

Here's some closer pictures of some stuff on it. This is a purple heart necklace I got in Italy.

This is a tinkerbell necklace, I love her! :)

Here's one of my favorite gold necklaces I have. My mom gave it to me for a birthday.

Here's my charm bracelet that my dad got me for my 16th birthday.

Here's the rest of the shelves of the bookcase.


I love this Cinderella Castle snowglobe I got in Disney World!

This necklace is amazing! It's so big and fun!

Here's what's inside the jewelry box...

Butterfly necklace from Italy!

More bracelets!

My "movie star hat" lol!
Here's a cute pink clutch and my failed attempt (from a while ago) at making a bib necklace! I just can't bear to throw it out, so I keep it on my bed, lol!Some more purses! a cute aqua Guess purse and... My Snow White purse from Disney World! I love this so much, I carried it all fall and winter long. :)

A beautiful black shell purse given to me by a good friend and teacher <3

Here's my umbrella I got in Epcot at Disney World and a little sparkly pink clutch.

Here's a pretty necklace and flowers someone gave me from Hawaii.
Here's my endtable, which of course has accessories on it.

On my lamp, I keep my Twilight Alice Cullen necklace and a pink necklace from Forever 21.

One sad lonely pair of earrings in this little jewelry holder thing. lol This is my vanity/makeup table (I plan to reorganize my makeup in the future but here it is for now)

Random hairclips and earrings...
 More makeup in this drawer thing...the palette in the back is from the brand Flirt! from Kohl's.

The first drawer has random makeup stuff...lip balm, gloss, sharpeners, eyelash curlers, etc... The second drawer contains my Coastal Scent palettes and a beauties factory palette.

The third drawer has random eyeshadow and a makeup bag.

  Eyeliners, lipliners, MAC lip conditioner, and white eyeshadow i use a lot

A bunch of blushes and face powder

Mascaras and lipsticks


All my MAc eyeshadow stuff...(not that much but I hope it expands eventually lol!)

Random eyeshadows, glitter, etc...

All my foundations, some false eyelashes, etc...


Some brushes and an Urban Decay pallette

The brushes I use most often

My spin-y makeup thing! lol

Another jewelry holder with some earrings, a necklace, a bracelet...

My Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette! Love it!

 My Beauties Factory 120 eyeshadow palette

 Coastal Scents 88 shimmer palette

Coastal Scents 88 Warm palette Coastal Scents 10 Blush palette  Necklaces on the box from my perfume

     Well...hopefully you made it to the end of this obnoxiously long post. I went a little crazy with the pictures because I wanted to make sure you could see everything. If anyone has any questions about anything I would be happy to answer them. I got most of the costume jewelry at places like Claire's, Forever 21, Kohl's, Target, Dots, Fashion Bug, etc. I also have a few things from other random stores I shop at like DEB, Torrid, Lane Bryant, flea markets, etc. If you have a specific question about where something is from or any other question feel free to comment below. You can also leave a request of what other types of posts you would like me to do. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! :)
                                                                                                                            xoxo Gabriella


  1. Wow! That's a lot of jewelry! :) cute blog!

  2. WOW.
    that's a lot...

  3. Ya, I know...I've been collecting it for years...and the large amount of pictures probably makes it seem like more than it is lol! :)

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  5. I've always think I'm the only one addicted to accessories and now I knew I was imagining! =P

    gorgeous !!

  6. hello i need some help from you. the necklace that your grandmother gave you of the gold necklace my grandmother also gave me and i lost it. i was wondering if you knew where she got it or any "information" ie. maker info.

    plz email me at czeppier@ryerson.ca
    thanks so much


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