Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?!

     While today is officially the first day of fall according to the calendar, the weather is certainly not cooperating where I live.  It is still rather hot, but I'm dying to wear all my Fall/Winter clothes! :(  Here's a few cute outfits I've worn lately that are a little Fall inspired, but not too much since it still feels like summer.

I love this ruffled, pink, rosey colored skirt (, worn with a cream tank top, grey shirt (Target) and black May Janes. 
I can't wait to wear this skirt with grey or black tights when it's colder.

I wore neutral brown and pink makeup to compliment this outfit.
Here's the jewelry I wore with the outfit (all from Forever21):
    I love this pretty pink   jeweled necklace! :)

 Flower ring!
I love this flower printed dress (Target) with my cute new cowboy boots (Avenue) and tan belt (Torrid)!

Here, I'm wearing a floral skirt (Torrid), green tank top, white shirt thing, and another pair of brown boots (Avenue).


Ruffly pink blouse (Torrid), Grey vest (Forever 21), black skirt (, ivory tights (, and pink flats (Payless)
Same outfit with different shoes: black booties (Lane Bryant)
Same outfit without vest and tights...Which do you think looks better?

Sorry, the last 3 picture are a little fuzzy and strange...I couldn't get them to look right.


This is my favorite headband, its so pretty, classy and girly! :)

Here's a more casual outfit I wore to college (with pants! lol, I've noticed that based on my blog so far, you would think I never wear pants...which is funny because I own possibly around 100 pairs of jeans! lol).
I love my white hair bow(Forever21)

I love this Bird necklace (Forever 21).
Glasses!  I straightened my hair for the first time in a while too. :)

That's all for now.  Hopefully it will start to feel like fall soon so I can wear things like leather jackets, more tights, sweaters, etc.  What are some of your favorite fall trends or things you like to wear in the fall?  Thanks for reading, comment below and subscribe for updates. (Also, below are some accessories from Amazon similar to the ones I wore in the above pictures)   :)
                                                                                                                 -xoxo Gabriella  <3

Sunday, September 5, 2010


      As an Italian girl who loves to bake, it was inevitable that I make biscotti eventually.  A few weeks ago, I tried out two biscotti recipes, Chocolate and Orange Almond.  The recipes can be found here and here.  The Orange Almond ones turned out really great, they were flavorful and crunchy...great with coffee/tea (I prefer espresso!).  The Chocolate ones however, were alright, but the recipe was missing something...maybe more cocoa powder or sugar.  I definitely recommend the orange almond biscotti recipe, but I would try and find a better chocolate biscotti recipe if you want to make these yourself. 

Here are some pictures of my baking fun:

Orange Zest!


Before I cut them and baked them again...


 Thanks for reading, let me know if you make these or if you have any good biscotti recipes! :) Please comment and follow my blog!
                                                                                                                           Xoxo Gabriella :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye Summer: My Favorite Summer Outfits of 2010

     It's September 1st and I'm officially over summer: summer weather, summer clothes, all of it!  I can't wait for fall so I can wear pretty colored tights, blazers, cute jackets, dresses with cardigans, etc...and the pretty leaves and cooler weather will be great too! :)  So, to commemorate the end of summer (it's over as far as I'm concerned) I'm going to show you my all of my favorite summer outfits from this year. 

I love this summery bright colored dress (Dots) paired with a white shrug (Lane Bryant), black capri leggings (LB), and cute silver sandals (Target).
This huge statement necklace (Lane Bryant) is so much fun!
I didn't like the rest of this outfit, but my hair in a little side bun, accessories, and makeup turned out cute! :)
I love this blue/white summery dress (Ross) paired with a cute tan belt (Torrid).  It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. ;)

Makeup to go with the outfit!
I adore this outfit! This skirt (Dots) was a little long and big, so I belted (Torrid) it and wore it as a high-waisted skirt with a cute pink top (Easy Pickins).

This flowered pink and gold necklace (Forever 21) is one of my favorites! :)
I wore this to my little brother's 8th grade graduation: green tanktop, necklace, shoes, and skirt (Lane Bryant), and yellow shrug (Kohl's).

I love this red/white corset top and ruffly black skirt (DEB). 

I wore this to my brother's graduation party: tanktop (Lane Bryant), shrug (Torrid), floral skirt (Fashion Bug).
I love this shiny teal jacket (Dots) worn with a white tank top and denim skirt.
This is my Fourth of July outfit: dress (Walmart).
White/blue eyeshadow! :)

This skirt (Lane Bryant) is so summery and cute!

A fun floral maxi-dress! (Ross)

I love this Nyx lipgloss!

Hippie headband! (Forever21)

Cute blue floral dress (Ross) with a white vest (Lane Bryant)

Green/pink eyeshadow!

I adore this dress from Forever21! :)

Here' s the outfit I wore to New York!
Orange/white dress (Ross) with cute black Mary Jane heels (KMart!)

                                                               Forever21 jewelery!

Blue dress (Ross) and same white vest again :)

Really fun printed dress (Dots) with black flats (KMart) :)

Well, that's all for now.  In the beginning of the summer I was so excited to wear all my summery dresses and accessories...and now I'm tired of them and can't wait for Fall/Winter!  I love the cold weather and the clothes that go with it!  In the comments, tell me what your favorite summer trends or pieces you wore a lot were.  Also, what are you most excited to wear this fall/winter?  Thanks for reading! Please comment and follow.  :)
                                                                                                                            Xoxo Gabriella