Wednesday, November 10, 2010

H2O+ Sea Pure Skincare Review & Coupon Code!!!

  Hi everyone, sorry I was not able to post this sooner but, I was sick for over a week and then I was really busy with school because I missed a few days.  Anyway, I have recently been using some new products from H2O+ that they were nice enough to send me.  I have been using the line for a little over a week and so far I love it! 

     First, let me tell you a little about H2O+.  They are a skincare company that features many different skincare products for any skin issue or type you might have like acne, aging, sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, dark circles, or uneven skin tone.  H2O+ uses "the power of the sea" like marine botanicals rich in minerals and antioxidants, sea minerals, and plant extracts to hydrate, repair and recharge the skin.  Their products use almost all natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy.

     So, my opinion of the specific line I received, the Sea Pure Natural Anti-Aging Skincare line, is extremely positive.  First of all, when I first got these products, the first thing I noticed was the lovely packaging.  The line comes in light blue boxes that go with the whole sea theme.  The next thing I noticed about the line in general was that it all smells amazing!  It's a very clean citrus scent, not overpowering like lemon cleaner, but refreshing and invigorating, especially in the morning.  Now I'll tell you about each of the products I've been using.  First, there's the creamy Facial Cleanser, which I like to use in the morning.  It wakes you up with a refreshing scent and cleanses your skin.  Next, I use the Renewing Prep Tonic, which is a toner that enhances the skin and helps moisturizer work more effectively.  Then, there's the Deep Moisture Cream, a moisturizer that helps repair damaged skin and makes your skin feel soft and smooth.  The Perfecting Eye Cream is also great for under the eyes, to keep the area around your eyes fresh looking and smooth.  It's also good for those of use with dark circles/bags under the eyes.  Even though I'm not very old yet, it's never a bad idea to use anti-aging products a little sooner.  And if you are a little more advanced in years, this line will be great for you as well.  At night, I like to use the Gentle Refining Polish, which is an exfoliating scrub that gets rid of dead skin cells to make your skin new, fresh, and soft.  

(These 3 are samples sizes, the ones on the website are larger)

     I also tried a few other samples of products from other H2O+ lines.  The Sea Results Deep Sleep Recovery Cream was nice to put on before bed, so I'd wake up with soft, smooth, hydrated skin.  I also used the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment that like the name suggests, hydrates your skin and is supposed to diminish the appearance of fine lines.  I can't say if it does the latter because I do not currently have any fine lines, but it did make my skin feel nice anyway.  The last product, the Sea Results Line Mender, is meant to diminish the look of lines and wrinkles.  But, since I luckily don't have any yet, I gave this to my mother to try.  She doesn't have many wrinkles either, but I’ll be sure to let you know what she thinks of it, if anyone's interested.  In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this line/company to women young and old because of its many benefits (Did I mention I love the amazing smell!?) and many different products available for all different skin types.

     To find more information about these products and to purchase them, you can visit  I believe it is also sold in certain stores which you can find out about on their website.  Finally, I have a special coupon code for my blog readers!  From now until November 20th, you can save $10 off of a purchase of $30 or more by using the code: 100275 at checkout.  :) Hope you enjoyed this review!  I hope to have time to post more on here soon, I've been really busy lately.  I have a lot of fashion, baking, and other random stuff I want to try to post soon, so check back.  Tell me in the comments if you've ever tried this line or anything from H2O+, or if you plan to get anything.  Or tell me your favorite skincare products.  :)  

-Xoxo Gabriella  <3   

FTC: These products were sent for review and all opinions are my own.

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