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  Being a blogger, obviously I follow a lot of other bloggers too.  I probably follow hundreds of blogs, if you want to see them all you could check my about me page on blogger, but I doubt anyone wants to do that, there's too many!  So I've decided to point out 20 of my favorite blogs at the moment.  Of course I love all the blogs I follow, but these are the ones I'm most interested in right now and ones that I check most often.  They are blogs of various topics, some fashion/beauty, some cooking, baking, and other random topics because like most people, I love a lot of different things.  Here they are in no particular order.  Check them out if you haven't already.




   Doe, (pictured above) the gorgeous and creative writer of this blog, is one of my favorite bloggers for a lot of reasons.  I love her girly, fun, eccentric, and daring style; she seems to be fearless with her style, a trait I admire, and always looks amazing.  She'll wear petticoat skirts, colorful makeup, and dye her hair blue without batting an eye or caring what others may think.  She calls herself "the Unicorn Queen" and seems to live in a fairytale (probably another reason I love her blog, I have a little obsession with fairytales...).  I love her posts on fashion and makeup.  She even has her own gorgeous makeup line called Lime Crime, check it out if you love colorful, pigmented makeup.  In addition she posts about her life and other various inspirational topics.  She's very sweet and an inspiration.       
(their shortbread cookies...I blogged about them recently here)

     I love this blog because it always features new and delicious recipes, both Italian and otherwise.  I've made a few recipes from there so far and they've all been great.  I love Italian food and it's great to have a place to find some new recipes and the occasional story about Italian culture or family to go with them. :)  

     What I love about John's blog is that you never know what he'll post about next, yet he always describes things very well and is very informative.  I like that his topics cover a wide range of things such as but not limited to: music, fashion, style, gaming, cars, television, sports, etc.  Even if you don't like one specific topic, there's bound to be something you'll enjoy reading about.  He's also a very genuine and sweet guy, and even includes shout-outs to other blogs when they relate to his topic.  (Here are some of my favorite of his recent posts: 123and 4)

4.) Cupcakes and Cashmere 

     This blog, written by Emily Schuman, combines two of my favorite things: fashion and baking/cooking.  Emily's style is very classic, feminine, and chic; she always looks effortlessly beautiful.  She blogs about her fashion, makeup, interior design, recipes, and more.  In particular, I love her "Five Things" posts she does once a week listing five of her favorite things that week.      

5.) Laughing 

     I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on my blog yet, but I'm a huge Disney fan.  I love everything about Disney!  Walt Disney is one of my favorite people ever.  So, I love this website because it always has up to date news on everything going on having anything to do with all things Disney-related.  It's not really a blog, I don't think, but I included it anyway.  In addition to lots of information and news, there are also Disney forums, podcasts, and more.  It's a great place for any Disney lover. :)

6.) Sea of Shoes 




   Sea of Shoes, written by lovely fashion blogger, Jane Aldridge, is full of her creative and gorgeous outfit posts.  She often combines vintage and newer pieces to create fun and gorgeous outfits, complete with amazing shoes, of course.  Also, her pictures are always so amazing! :)   

     When I first read The Style Rookie, a mostly fashion blog written by a girl named Tavi, I never would have guessed how young she was.  She's been blogging for a few years, writes really well, and is so intelligent, it's a little shocking that she's only 15 years old!  She has a very unique sense of style and is not afraid to wear exactly what she feels like at that moment, which I love!  She posts mostly about fashion, but also a little about other random things like music, life, etc.     

8.) Atlantis Home 

      This blog is written by Judy Aldridge, the lovely mother of Jane Adlridge of Sea of Shoes.  Like her daughter she loves shoes and blogs about fashion.  In addition, she writes a lot about interior design and cooking.  Her interior decorating is amazing; she often features beautiful pictures of her home and others that inspire her.

9.) Pearls Lace and Ruffles
OOTD / 6 May 2011OOTD / 9 March 2011
   I love the name of this blog, it's so cute and contains some of my favorite things, as well as those of its owner, Dee, a lovely girl from Ireland.  She blogs about fashion; she has a very girly, pretty sense of style and is usually wearing cute dresses or skirts with pretty accessories.  She does outfit of the day posts, posts on her favorite style icons (or style crushes :) ), etc.       

10.) The Disney Blog 

     This blog, another Disney related one, features Disney news, updates, reviews of various Disney shows, movies, etc., and other fun Disney stuff.  It is described as "a web log for all fans of Walt Disney, The Disney Company, and its many products."  

creme brulee french toast
     I love this blog because there are always new and delicious recipes to try, usually accompanied with an interesting story.  There are so many different recipes including everything from appetizers, to drinks, to entrées, to desserts with lots of variety in flavors.  There is even a useful recipe index where you can search through all their recipes.   

12.) Keiko Lynn          
    This gorgeous girl's blog is full of posts on her unique and lovely fashion and pretty makeup tutorials.  I love her style; it's very girly, feminine, and a bit edgy and vintage occasionally.  Other than her style, I also love the way she writes, often including cute little stories with her outfit posts.

   13.)Gala Darling 
BIRTHDAY GIRL shoes by Gala Darling!Daily outfit
     Gala Darling, similar to Doe Deere, seems to live in a magical world all her own, creating her own rules, fashion and otherwise.  I love her fearless, pretty, girly, yet eccentric and playful style.  I love that she doesn't really fit in one category of fashion, like a lot of the people who's style I love.  One day she'll wear bright pink twirly skirts with flowers in her hair, and the next she's wearing a skull T shirt and shorts! :)  In addition to her outfits, she post a lot about what she calls "radical self-love" (a great message by the way), lists of awesome favorite things, and other random fun and inspirational things.   

     I love this style blog, written by a girl named Ashley, because it's a little more real than some of the other fashion-type blogs I've mentioned...if that makes sense?   I love her style, sometimes girly and cute, sometimes more classic or even tomboy-chic.  I also like her sense of humor often included in her posts.  She recently did an interesting post comprised of outtake pictures (which I'm sure anyone who takes outfit pictures often has tons of...but most probably don't have the guts to post them...probably including me! lol) that I loved.  :) 

     This blog is another food blog but it also includes travel.  It contains lots of great recipes, stories, and pictures of various places and foods, both of which are mostly Italian, but sometimes not.  This weekend I plan on trying out their sfogliatelle (a delicious Italian pastry with a sweet ricotta filling) recipe because I've always wanted to make them and they look delicious!  I'll probably post about them later and let you know how they turn out. :) 

     A lovely girl named Georgina writes this fashion blog. (How cute is the name! I'm such a sucker for things like that.)  I love her cute, quirky, and girly style.  She often wears frilly skirts, dresses, lots of bows, and adorable accessories.  She also makes really cute jewelry available in her online jewelry store, Dolly Mixx.  She's an inspiration for girls who aren't considered "regular" sized; she's proof that no matter your size, you can still dress pretty.  

17.) P.S. I made this…  
      Put a little PEP in your step and a WOW in your wardrobe with a refined, sophisticated, and slightly sultry peplum skirt! These classic styles that were once on hiatus are premiering on the runways and back on television.  AMC’s Mad Men is in one word J’AMAZING! Take style notes from Joan Holloway who proves that pencil (skirts) and pen (necklaces) are a must.  Banana Republic is having a Casting Call for Mad Men… I wonder if Don Draper is judging?
To create a retro-inspired skirt, reach for a curtain panel (use a panel with a skirted top).  Gather, and pin top (front) to create a slight pleat every few inches.  Sew and reinforce with stitching where pins are holding material in place. Flip material to the backside.  Cut to desired length and hem by stitching. To finish off the back, use kilt pins to connected material. Cinch and style with a bold belt and you’ve got a perfect peplum!
P.S.- Click here to submit your best Mad Men style and enter for a walk-on role on the show.  I think my friend Jessica from What I Wore is spot on!
     This site combines two of my favorite things: arts and crafts and fashion!  I have always loved to make things, it's just so much fun.  It's even better when you can wear something you made.  Erica Domesek, author of the site, has an awesome motto: “I see it. I like it. I make it".  In each post she features an inspiration/fashion mood board to go along with the projects and easy step-by-step instructions along with pictures.  She has made lots of fun DIY things like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, shirts, skirts, handbags, and many more interesting things.  She even recently wrote her own book (see below).

18.) Mello Mayoness 

     This fashion blogger's style is very feminine, pretty, cute, and unique.  She is almost always wearing frilly tutu skirts or pretty dresses, sometimes with adorable hats and cute accessories.  Also, almost all her outfits include some adorable socks or tights with pretty heels.  I also love that she sometimes includes a bunch of fun inspiration pictures with her outfit posts.

19.)Young, Fat, and Fabulous 
Photobucket Photobucket
     This blogger, named Gabi, blogs mostly about plus-size fashion including her own gorgeous outfits.  She is an inspiration for girls who are not "normal" sized to know that they can dress well, love themselves, and wear what makes them happy.  I love this quote from one of her posts: "Ladies, dress for yourself, break rules, stop saying "I wish I could wear that" and just do it".  
     Kelly Framel, author of this blog, is a gorgeous girl who posts about all things fashion and design related.  I love her outfits, which she calls "costumes" ; her style seems very classic, but also edgy, depending on the day...I don't know how to describe it but she always looks put together, very stylish, and amazing!  She is also a jewelery designer with her own jewelery line available at   

   Obviously, I love the internet...maybe a little too much.  These aren't even close to being all the blogs I love!  Do you read any of these?  As I said before, all of these blogs are interesting, informative, and fun, in my opinion, so check them out if you'd like.  Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!  Do you have a blog?  If I haven't already listed it above, leave your link below.  I love finding new ones to read. I may do another of these in the future.  :)  Please follow my blog if you'd like as well (Google friend connect on the right).

                                                                                                        Xoxo Gabriella 

References: All pictures belong to their respective blog/website owners and are not mine.


  1. Lovely blogs! I know some of these and read them, but some I didn't and can't wait to check out!

  2. I am immensely honored you featured "John's Blog Space" in this post. I have added "Principessa Gabriella" to my blog post called "Fashion Blog Shoutouts!" long ago. Keep up the fine work with this one! :)

  3. i kind of love the internet a little too much too, lol. these are ALL fabulous ladies and awesome blogs!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  5. you have great blog taste!! i LOVE keiko, sea of shoes, and cashmere. i MUST check out mello mayoness <3

  6. These are great blogs! I love Cupcakes and Cashmere too. Tavi is hilarious also. A couple of my favorites to add to this list are Fashiontoast and ...Lovemaegen.

  7. Higgenbottom: I love Fashiontoast as well, she's so stylish and gorgeous! I just checked out and her blog is pretty awesome as well, I love her DIY posts! Thanks for the suggestions :)

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