Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blackberry Crumb Bars

     One morning recently, I was in the mood to bake something easy and looking for something new and tasty to try.  I came across this recipe for blueberry crumb bars on Smitten Kitchen and though they looked delicious, I only had blackberries, so I substituted them for the blueberries.  They came out great; even my niece who didn't think she liked blackberries loved them!  Besides being tasty, these are super easy to make.  It only takes a few minutes to make the crust and filling and then you just have to wait while they bake.  :)  Next time I have blueberries, I'll definitely try making these bars with them.  This recipe would probably work with just about any berry you have as well.  Also, these taste good both hot and cold, it depends on your preference, or how long you can wait to taste them! ;)  Let me know if you try these and how they turn out. :)  Enjoy! 

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fashion: The End of Spring

     Hello everyone!  Spring is almost over, which means it's getting hotter and it will be summer soon.  I'm not a huge fan of summer, probably because I don't like really hot weather for long periods of time.  It's nice for a few days, but then I'm over it, haha!  I prefer colder weather, but summer's still fun because I'm on summer break from college, so I actually have time to do things, and I can go swimming.  Anyway, I thought I'd show you a couple of my favorite outfits from the past few weeks before it's summer.  Enjoy, tell me what you think in the comments below and follow my blog please! :)

1.) Black, White, and Pink
I love this cute black and white detailed dress! 
Dress: Forever 21, Shrug: Fashion Bug, Purse: Forever 21, Ring and necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless

2.)  Floral and Pearls

(Too much time playing with my photo editor...lol, I always wanted to figure out how to do a black and white picture with one little colored part :) )
Floral dress, pearl necklace: Forever 21, Ring: ???, Bracelet: Avenue, Shoes: Payless

 3.) Zebra Turned Pink Cheetah?!
I couldn't choose which picture, so I used all 3...lol!  I wore this outfit on Memorial Day for a BBQ with family.  It was really hot here for a few days, over 90 degrees in May!? Isn't that strange? lol!
 Cute pink butterfly ring :)
 Random mini review: I love this lip stuff, it's NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (shade:Addis Ababa).  It goes on really soft and doesn't come off.  It stays on for a few hours, though it does feel a little dry, you could wear a gloss with it to fix that.  I also love that it's matte because I don't have a lot of matte lip products.  :)

Dress and feather earrings: Forever 21, Bracelet: Avenue, Ring: Kohl's, Flip-flops: Lane Bryant

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peach Pies!

     Hello lovely readers!  I mentioned in this post that I recently got a whole bunch of peaches and had to find something to make with them.  I decided to make a bunch (4!) of peach pies and give some to various family members and, of course, keep one for my house, lol! :)  My mom brought one to my sister's house when she had some people over and everyone who ate it loved it; I gave one to my dad too and he ate half in one night! lol!  So, I thought I'd share it with you.  (A friend of my sister's often asks me when I'm opening my bakery, lol! Sorry, can't be a teacher and run a bakery at the same time! It's just for fun.) :)

     I used this peach pie recipe I found online and this pie crust recipe.  I added about 1 teaspoon sugar (per crust if making more than one) to the crust to make them a little sweeter.  When mixing the dough, make sure not to melt the shortening with your hands, which would cause problems.  For the pie, I highly recommend using fresh peaches if you can find them, they taste amazing!  Make sure to use them when they're ripe and a tiny bit squishy.  Also, I used a little more lemon juice than the recipe suggests about 1 tablespoon extra (per pie) but that's just my preference.  I made a lattice pie crust but you could do a double crust if you prefer (directions given on recipe for both).            
     That's all for now; let me know if you use this recipe how your pie turns out.  Anyone have a favorite pie recipe?  Comment below and tell me.  Thanks for reading, follow my blog if you'd like.  

P.S.: Does anyone have any requests for a recipe post on any specific thing they'd like to make, either baked goods or other food?  Let me know and I'll try and see what I can do. :)

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