Saturday, October 15, 2011

Never too late...Outfits!

     If you read my last few depressing posts, you'll be happy to know that this one is on a much lighter, happier topic: fashion!  I finally got my laptop fixed (hope it doesn't break again or I'm going to flip out!) so now I can post all the things I've been meaning to since about August!   I wanted to share a few outfits I never got to post from the last few weeks of summer/summer type weather where I live.  It's never too late for fashion...right?  Whatever, I took the pictures and I'm posting them anyway, lol!  It's still hot or summery in some places anyway.

1.) Pink Maxi

This summer I was loving maxi dresses/skirts, they're so pretty, girly, and comfortable.  I'll still be wearing some in the fall, darker more fall-ish ones though. :)   

Dress: Sam's club (random, I know!), Shrug: Lane Bryant, Shoes: gold flip-flops from Old Navy (you can't really see them), Pink heart Earrings: Forever 21

2.) Flowers and Stripes!
I usually don't like horizontal stripes on me but I loved the mix of prints on this dress.  It's so different and fun! :)

Why is this picture so bright, you can't even see my necklace?? lol!

I love this flower necklace so much, it's in the next outfit too! :)

Dress: Forever 21, Pink flip-flops: Kohl's, Necklace: Flea market, Ring: Forever 21, Flower: Claire's, Charm Bracelet: gift, Belt: Torrid

3.) Printed Maxi

Dress: not sure (stole it from my mom...shh!), Shoes: Kohl's, Necklace: Flea market, Belt: Torrid, Headband with feathers: Forever 21

4.) Shakespeare Skirt
I call this skirt my "Shakespeare skirt" (haha!) because the only other time I've worn it was in high school when I had to bring in some type of costume to do a short skit from a Shakespeare play, I forget which one it was.  I just remember being terrified when it was my group's turn to go...I love Shakespeare but I have no desire at all to act in front of people, it's not for me! ;)

My face looks like it needs color here...

Skirt: not sure?, Tank top: Avenue, Necklace: Forever 21, Flip-flops: Old Navy

5.) Red, Green, & Chanel (sort of)

I don't think my lips are red enough! Haha, just kidding! It's Mac Ruby Woo lipstick, the perfect red in my opinion and one of my favorites!
I love this (fake) Chanel necklace I got in Italy this summer!
Top: Avenue (I think?), Jeans: Rocawear from Torrid, Wedges: Avenue, Neclace: flea market in Calabria, Italy

6.) Black & Sheer All Over
I bought this black sheer skirt and was having trouble figuring out how to wear it.  Obviously, it requires another skirt or something underneath (at least for  So, I figured I'd put a fun printed one underneath so there wasn't so much black.  Maybe I'll wear it again in the fall with a darker skirt and tights...hmm?  My mom called this my goth outfit, lol!, no!!  I'm not sure if you can really see it, but I'm wearing a sheer black vest too, it has a floral pattern and I love it!   

Tank top: Lane Bryant?, Vest: Avenue, Floral patterned skirt: Forever 21, Sheer skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Avenue, Necklace & Earrings: Forever 21, Bracelet: Claire's 

7.) Black Lace Romper?
I wasn't sure if I should post this last outfit because I don't ever wear shorts, shorter skirts yes, but no shorts.  I hate they way they look on me and this romper is the closest thing to shorts you'll catch me wearing in public.  I love that it's lace and has a cute bow at the top (hard to see....) though, so what the hell!  ;)

Lace Bow!

I love this pretty pink watch my lovely cousin Sabrina and her family gave to me when I visited them in Italy this summer.  I don't usually wear watches too often either, but it's pink! :)
How adorable are these polka dot heels! Love them! 
Romper: Forever 21, Shrug: Fashion Bug,  Necklace: Forever 21, Watch: gift, Heels: Torrid,

     That's all for now!  Thanks so much for reading and especially thank you to the sweet people who commented on my last few posts, I love you guys!  Which outfit do you like best? Please follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (towards the top right) and "Like" my Facebook page for the blog too!  Feel free to comment below on anything you'd like and leave your blog link if you have one you'd like me to check out! :) 

                                                                      Xoxo Gabriella 

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