Monday, November 21, 2011

Do me a tiny favor please?

Ciao everyone!, 

     I have a little favor to ask of you all if you could.  I'm trying to help my lovely friend, Victoria (whom I've know since elementary school!) win this  contest to meet Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato.  She really loves them and it would mean a lot to her and me if you'd help.  It only takes a minute.  Go here (click it!) and make sure you register, then go back and vote for her at that link (or it doesn't count).  Thanks so much if you do!  (You can vote once a day until December 5th in case you see this later.)  

     Love you guys!  I'll be posting more outfits and stuff soon.  :)  

(How cute is the stocking she made?!, go see!!)

                                                                                                      ♥  Xoxo Gabriella

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