Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun with Fashion: Playing Dress Up!

Ciao darlings,
     I've had quite an interesting past week or so; I've been a little stressed (what else is new).  School  (Midterms!!) and other issues have been bothering me.  I absolutely hate arguing with people.  There are very few people in the world I argue with and not even very often, but I hate it.  Feeling like you've hurt someone or that they've hurt you, especially when you love them, is an awful thing.  Now that I think about it, I guess I really only ever argue with people I love; I don’t care enough about the opinions of those I don’t to argue with them.  Everything's all right now, I’m pretty sure.  I just need to keep myself focused and just try to deal with everything as best as I can.  To cheer myself up, I saw "The Vow"  with my mom last week.  It is such a cute movie!  It was so sweet how much the husband in the movie loved his wife, and Channing Tatum is absolutely adorable!  See it, it's precious! 
     Anyway, on to the point of this post!  I think I told you guys that one day during my winter break from school, in the beginning of January, I spent a day essentially playing dress up! Haha! Don't judge me!  I have always loved pretty, girly, frilly, things, especially dresses/skirts, the poofier and more tutu-like the better!  I bought a few of these fun petticoats and skirts a while ago, in the summer, I think, but I never wore them until then.  I was bored and needed a fun day to myself before school started this semester, so I turned on some fun music and dressed up in all my frilly skirts and took pictures.  Most fashion bloggers are pretty much playing dress-up, some not as much, some more-so, but it's all basically having fun with fashion.  It does not make you immature.  I have loved girly, frilly, dresses since I was a little girl, and I will love them until I'm an old woman; age doesn't change what you love.  One thing it has done though is change how much I care about other's opinion of me or what I do.  I will wear pink tutu skirts and take pictures when I feel like it and if you think I'm strange, that's awesome for you, but has no effect on me.  Smile
     So, I finally finished looking though the pictures and editing them, so here they are!  They're a little over a month old, so I figured I should hurry up and post them.  It's interesting to look at pictures and see how you can change a little in a month or so.  I've dyed my hair a little darker (was dark brown, now it's black) since then and have lost some more weight, but I still love the pictures.  I look cute and I know it! Lol!  Hope you all have a wonderful week, enjoy!  Comment below if you'd like and follow the blog.   There will be a lot of pictures.  I had a little too much fun with this! Winking smile  The last 2 posts had none, so it balances out somehow.  :)
1.) Pastel Fairy
I adore this petticoat I bought from Domino Dollhouse's website.  They have a lot of them in other colors right now too.  So girly and fun! Very fun to twirl in! Ha!  Yes, I do think I’m a fairy princess, deal with it. Winking smile
062                  068
  072                               073
Pink Corset Top and Black Shrug: Torrid, Petticoat skirt:, Tights: Forever 21, Heels: Target, Crown/Tiara, Necklace, & Ring: Forever 21 
2.) Bubblegum Tutu!
I absolutely adore this skirt!  I took dance class when I was about 6 or 7 for about a year and my favorite part was definitely the outfits, particularly the tutu!  I love the bubblegum pink color of this skirt,the poofyness, and the layers of frilly chiffon!  It looks like such a delightful confection! Obviously, it makes me happy. Open-mouthed smile
136                147

168             206

Lace top: Forever 21, Tank top: Lane Bryant, Heels: Candie’s @ Kohl’s, Necklace: Claire’s, Chiffon Tutu Skirt: Custom made from
3.) Pink Circle Skirt
I couldn’t figure out how to wear this skirt.  First of all, I bought it in the summer and now it’s way too big, so I had to try to clip it in the back, which didn’t work so well.  Second, I couldn’t figure out what kind of top to wear with it.  I tried a few different ones…which do you like?  I love the skirt though and the petticoat I got to go with it, underneath. Smile
222           232
Another skirt good for twirling in…ha! Winking smile
238                     239
254                         258
276        283
Staring at the ceiling…lol!
306                            315
Skirt & Petticoat: Custom made from, Jacket: Lane Bryant, Lace top: Forever 21, Polka dot tank top: Lane Bryant, Black tank top: Avenue, Heels: Torrid, Ring/Bracelet/Earrings: Forever 21, Necklace: gift
4.) Mint Fairy?
So I got the same skirt as in the first outfit in this pretty mint color as well.  I decided I’d wear something else I bought and never wore with it: my Lime Crime “Mint to Be” lipstick.  Definitely my most subtle colored lipstick, no? Winking smile  While I love the color, no I wouldn’t wear it outside my house (ha!) and I don’t really like it on me too much…maybe on someone with lighter hair…  I look like a crazy Tinkerbell, ha!
358                            360

Petticoat skirt:, Top: Lane Bryant, Necklace & Bracelets: Forever 21, Heels: Target
     That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoyed my dress-up fun as much as I did, haha!  I’m not normal, I’m aware and fine with it.  Normalcy is boring anyway. Winking smile  I’ll be doing a fun tag post soon because a sweet blogger friend of mine tagged me, so look out for that.  Have a lovely weekend!
                                                                                   ♥  Xoxo Gabriella


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