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“Lola Wishes” (“Lola” continued)

Short Story (read a related story, “Lola,” here)
“Lola Wishes”
        Lola sat at her desk, reading a novel, doing a project for school, and trying desperately not to think about the one thing that had been bothering her lately: arguing with her boyfriend, Wally.  She did not really understand what had happened.  She was so in love with him; she’d do absolutely anything for him and loved him with all her heart.  Unfortunately, Wally was dealing with issues in his life that Lola couldn’t fix, as much as she wished she could.  She had tried to think of something she could do for him, but she was still in college, living with her mother, so she had no way of solving his problems at the moment.  If there were something she could do, she would, but unfortunately she couldn't find anything.  She often wished things were different and that they could spend more time together, but Wally's problems often prevented them from doing so.  Lola understood that he was busy dealing with these issues, and she tried to be as understanding as she could.  She still missed him when they were not together and she often sent him text messages because she wanted to talk to him somehow, even if they couldn’t see each other face to face all the time.  She knew sometimes he was busy and couldn't answer her, but whenever a day or so would go by without them speaking, she would be a little distressed.  Then sometimes he would write her really sweet things, which made her feel better and remember how nice he was.  She had loved him from the moment they met, as crazy as that may sound to some.  As time went by, she only loved him more, even when they argued, she couldn’t stop loving him and she did not want to.

        When they were together they never seemed to fight at all, everything was fine.  Recently though, when they were apart, they seemed to find things to argue about over the phone.  “Why are we fighting about this, I only wanted to talk to you and see how you were doing, Wally.  Does he still love me?  Why doesn’t he want to talk to me?  Why is he being like this? Does he know how much this hurts me?  Will I ever have what I want with him?  Please God, let us be okay.” Lola thought.  Lola hated arguing with those she loved, the only people she ever thought were worth arguing with about anything.  One problem had started after Wally had asked Lola a question, one she’d always dreamed her true love would ask her.  She never imagined it would happen the way it did though.  She responded in a way that, although she never meant it to, had hurt Wally.  He told her she had hurt him, and it killed her inside.  She really did not mean to; she never would want to hurt anyone, especially him.  After that she had apologized but they still continued to argue every so often.  He said some things to her that she really hoped he hadn’t meant and that had hurt her as well.  Maybe it was just because he was hurt and frustrated by certain things he was dealing with right now.  She had been upset far too often lately and she was tired of crying over this.  She wanted so badly to just be happy with him, but life just did not want to let them be.   

        Wally’s personal issues did not improve, unfortunately, and Lola began to fear that he may have to leave again, as he had once before.  This thought absolutely devastated her.  Lola remembered how sad she had been the first time Wally had left when she thought he would not return.  She knew if he left this time it would be worse, for she had grown to love him even more as time went on.  She knew it seemed insane, but she really did believe she would be with Wally forever.  He was her first and only boyfriend really, and she did not want anyone else.  She thought he was everything she had ever wanted, her prince.  Maybe this was naïve of her to think, but she didn’t care.  Maybe she wanted it so badly, she made herself believe it, but she did anyway.  Lola couldn’t take sitting alone with her thoughts any longer; it was driving her crazy.  It was a Saturday afternoon and she was a gorgeous 20, almost 21, year old young woman. “Why the hell am I sitting here being miserable, I’m so tired of this!” she said aloud, though no one heard her.  She went to her room and started to get dressed up a little because that always made her feel a little better.  She decided she would try to think about something else for a while, so as to retain some of her sanity and happiness.  She put on her brightest pink miniskirt, a purple lace top and her favorite black heeled boots.  She looked in the mirror and thought “Too bad my boyfriend’s not around to tell me how cute I look, all dressed up for myself, I suppose, what else is new!”  Lola decided she would go to the mall and perhaps wander the bookstore for a while. 

        She drove to the mall and walked into the bookstore, the same one where she had met Wally.  She probably should have known this was not the best place to try to forget about him for a while.  She loved it there though; she had spent countless hours perusing the shelves of all her favorite kinds of books and would not avoid it just because it reminded her of him.  She bought an espresso and sat down at a table next to some chatty teenage girls.  She looked across the room and could not help but stare at the table where she had first met Wally.  Her mind played a collage of fond scenes of his sweet smile, her nervousness on that first day, the things he had told her, watching him leave, and gushing gleefully about him to her sister and nieces after they’d met.  Her life had changed that day and she would never forget it.  She finished her drink and wandered through the books for a while.  She then decided she would walk around the mall and maybe buy herself a new top to make her feel a little better. 

        As she strolled though the stores, she couldn’t help but notice countless couples, some old, some younger than she, holding hands and walking together.  This agitated her a lot that day.  She was not a violent person at all, but she really wanted to smack someone at that moment…not that she would, but she was annoyed.  She wanted nothing more than to have been there with Wally, holding his hand, and walking happily together.  She remembered the first time he had held her hand.  On their second date, they had watched a movie together.  She loved the movie, she did, but somewhere in the middle of it, he had asked if he could hold her hand.  She remembered him gently taking her hand and stroking her fingers.  She had a little bit of a hard time concentrating entirely on the movie after that, but she didn’t mind.  At that point, it had been the most magical moment of her life.  That was until the night she kissed him for the first time.  She had been so nervous, but he made her feel okay about it, and when he kissed her she felt like she could have fainted from pure joy.  That night was enchanting as well.  She remembered how they had stood arms wrapped around each other, almost dancing, but sort of just rocking back and forth.  It was incredibly sweet.  She missed that feeling of being happy and feeling like he wanted and loved her.  Lately, she had not felt that way at all.     

     After a few hours had gone by, Lola decided to go back home.  She figured she should try to accomplish some more homework before the day was over.  As she drove home, a song came on the radio that reminded her of Wally.  She had been unsuccessfully trying not to think about him, and this song was not helping.  Maybe it was because she truly didn’t want to stop thinking about him.  As she pulled into her driveway and turned off the car, she gave up.  She couldn’t take pretending to be happy anymore.  She sat in her car and sobbed like a baby for a few minutes before she composed herself again.  She missed him so much and just wished for him to hold her and tell her he loved her.  She did not want her mother to see her like that because she did not want to explain why.  She did not want to really tell anyone like her family and friends that she had been fighting with Wally because she didn’t want them to dislike him.  She supposed this was because she never gave up hope that things would be okay between them.  Lola had to tell her mother something though, otherwise, she would have thought she had been a miserable bitch lately for no reason.  She only said that they had been arguing a little though and gave no further detail and did not want to talk about it.  “This is what I get for being such a dreamer, maybe I just need to accept the fact that I’ll never have my fairytale.” Lola thought, but knew she couldn’t accept. 

        Just as she was putting her key in the door she heard footsteps behind her and turned around, startled.  “Lola, I’m so sorry!” Wally said.  She couldn’t believe it; Wally had come to find her and apologize!  She smiled and gazed into his eyes, saying “It’s okay Wally, I’m sorry too.”  He took her hands, continued to apologize for hurting her, and said “I love you, Lola.  No matter what problems life throws at us, I’ll always love you and I’ll never leave you again.  I couldn’t bear to live my life without you, Lola.”  “Aww, I love you too Wally, I always have, but what about your problems?” she asked.  “I’ll figure everything out, no matter what I have to do.  We’ll do it together.  As long as we are together, everything will be fine.” Wally lovingly told her.  “I’m so happy to hear you say that, Wally, you really are my prince, aren’t you?”  “Yes, and you are my beautiful, kind, sweet and patient princess, with whom I’d love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life.” Wally declared.  Lola was at a loss for words.  She giggled and smiled at him.  Looking in her eyes, Wally knew she felt the same way.  He pulled her closer to him, smiled at her, and kissed her more passionately than ever before.  It was magical; Lola felt like she had finally found everything she had wanted.  They were in love and because Lola never gave up, they would really live happily ever after, as she had always dreamed.  THE END. 

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