Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 a.m.

        The girl in the picture smiles, a shiny lip gloss smile. She lives in a pretty castle, which she adores. Her father, she pretends, is such a great and beloved man.  The wonderful empire he owns, where her image lurks everywhere, is a testament to their former so-called family and power.  She wears a new dress, meant to make her feel better.  She smiles at the camera and no one would know that as the flash fades and the camera goes away, she cries uncontrollably over the one that got away.  As tears fall from her eyes, she can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t show up at her door and tell her that loves her, as he did before.  She hoped with all she had that he would be the one to save her from this life and make her dreams come true.  She never felt that way before about anyone but had always dreamed of the day when her prince would come and sweep her away.  Love.  The one thing she wanted more than anything else, she feared she’d never find.  Maybe she was too choosy, or it just would never be, but she never gave up hope that one day true love would find her.  What if he was it and her chance had come and gone.  Her prince no longer cared whether she lived and breathed.  Soon her castle would be taken away, and what would she have left?  Nothing, it seems, indeed.  The empire her father owned made her sick sometimes because it reminded her of all that he had taken from her family, of which he no longer belonged, due to his own selfish, immoral faults.  The castle, the gold, and all would soon easily fade away.  She’d give anything she had left to be his only one.  Why did she care so much for this man who paid her no more attention than a lion does a flea.  How dare he mock her “glitter world,” he hadn’t had a clue.  She had lost everything, apparently including her sanity.  Remember the next time you see her, that seemingly happy, lucky and smiling girl, that what lies beneath is nothing near the image she reflects.  So, still she smiles and bats her eyes, dreaming of the day, when all will be the way she wished, for such a very long time.  “She’ll never learn” they all must say.  Still, she doesn’t care.  So, a hopeless dreamer she’ll remain; it’s all she really knows.  The alternative, to give up hope, is somewhere she’ll never go.
(Don’t ask me what the hell I’m talking about, I haven’t a clue what that thing up there is supposed to be.  It’s 2 a.m., I’m doing homework and have been rather devastated and heartbroken for a while.  So I wrote a random nonsensical, semi-rhyming, weird little story I suppose.  I’ll shut up, stop rambling, and just post some pictures soon, I promise.)

Since it’s 2 am, I love and relate to this song right now, and I miss/love that show (How cute is that guy!…where’s my Tommy?, lol)…I’m including it. 
"If I said I was truly over you, my heart would say Amen, but I'd give in to the cold cares of 2 am.  If I admit I can;t get used to this, will my heart break again?"
                                                                                                                    Xoxo Gabriella

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