Friday, March 30, 2012

2 Birthday Dresses! Polka-dotted and High-low Dresses!

Ciao dears,
        So, I’ve finally gotten around to posting my birthday outfits from a few weeks ago.  I don’t want to write too much in this post since my last few were very word-y…haha!  I have just 2 things to share.
1.) I love both these dresses!  The first one is cute but the second one is my favorite dress I’ve worn in a while.  I love the high-low style and the print is super fun!  I felt like a princess in it.  I always love a dress I can twirl in or play with, ha!  Smile 
2.) My brain has finally gotten in touch with my heart and informed it that I should NEVER, EVER let a boy make me feel so awful and stupid again!  I’ve broken up with and gotten back together with the same damn guy like 2 or 3 times, let him ignore me, and I have finally realized he is not worth my time, attention, or tears, regardless of how I feel about him.  It’ll go away eventually, I suppose (or hope).  I know a lot of people I know, including some of you, have told me he wasn’t worth it and was not treating me well, but I sometimes have to learn things myself (usually the hard way) before I believe them.  I’m a stubborn girl, I suppose.  No more contacting him at all!  I’m officially done.
On to the pictures, I know some of you prefer them over my ramblings, haha!
1.) Blue & Polka-Dotted
First, I was going to wear those boots (because they’re more comfortable), but then I decided the polka dotted heels were cuter! lol!
Dress: Dots, Tights and Bracelet: Forever 21, Boots Avenue, Heels: Torrid

2.) High-Low Printed Fun!
Dress: DEB, Tights & Bracelet: Forever 21, Heels: Candie’s for Kohl’s, Necklace
What do you think of my birthday dresses?  Comment below.  Hope you all have a nice weekend! Smile
                                                                                       ♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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