Friday, March 2, 2012

Tag! You’re It!

Ciao lovelies!,
        I hope you’re all doing well.  I’m on spring break from school for the next 10 days! Yay! Unfortunately, I’ll probably end of spending a lot of that time doing homework since I have way too many papers and projects due after break.  What else is new?!  I already spent the first day and a half doing projects for school!  I’m determined to find some time to relax and do something fun though, or I may lose my mind one of these days.  Too much schoolwork has made me so stressed and tired lately (again, what else is new!), haven’t slept eight hours in total all week!  Anyway, a blogger friend of mine and follower recently tagged me in one of her posts. (Check out her blog:  It seemed like fun, so I did it.  Hi Clai!  I liked your questions; they were very interesting to answer.  I may have written too much, oh well.  Smile
Here are the rules of this tagging game:
1.) Post 11 Random things about yourself.
2.) Answer the tagged questions.
3.) Create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.
So, here are 11 really random facts about me:
1.) I love anything that is pink, frilly, feminine, or girly.
2.) I write when I am upset, happy, confused, excited…or maybe I just write a lot in general.
3.) My family is a little insane but I love them all! Winking smile
4.) Sometimes I wish I had not told anyone about my blog, but then I think about it and it would feel like I was hiding something.  I don’t like to lie generally.
5.) I tend to overthink everything, but the few times I don’t, bad things happen, so I keep doing it.
6.) I rarely sleep eight hours a night.  It’s bad I know, but usually it’s because of time issues and school.
7.) I always want what I can’t have.
8.) I never choose the easier option in anything in life, and I don’t think I ever want to.
9.) I have no middle name, but I have a Confirmation name (Maria).
10.) I love anything chocolate. Smile
11.) I am a hopeless and sometimes delusional romantic.
Here are Clai’s 11 questions which I answered:
1. How did you survive High school?
        I have no idea! Ha!  I attended an all girls, Catholic, private college preparatory school. Yes, it’s just as fun as it sounds.  One year I had 7 classes and a chemistry lab…not even time for lunch, and I never had any free periods. :/ I was not particularly thrilled to go there.  I was upset because all my friends from elementary school went to another school and I was the only one going there.  It was also rather difficult.  I did and still always seem to choose the harder, more difficult option (always do that, don’t I), like taking two math classes instead of one…and graduating with more credits than I needed (why I have no idea…).  While all my friends always seemed to have time to have fun and relax, I was always doing homework and studying.  Well, that hasn’t changed.  It felt like college, but worse (There were awful uniforms, God I hated those!!) which is why I’m getting frustrated with college lately. It feels like this is my 7th year of it…  I wouldn’t change it though because I did get a really good education which helped me continue to do well in college and get a lot of scholarships. So maybe it paid off, I suppose.  Glad it’s over though.     
2. What and where is your ideal date?
My ideal date is anywhere and anytime I’m with the man I love who loves me as well.  There’d be “I love you”’s, kisses, and cuddling.  <3
3. Do you prefer a surprise wedding proposal? Why?
        Yes, I do because it’s more special if it’s a surprise.  Smile   Like a lot of girls, it’s something I’ve dreamed about all my life.  What more could a girl want than to have the man you love, on one knee, asking to spend the rest of your lives together.   ♥
4. What was your favorite channel? Why?
        My favorite TV channel is the Disney Channel because I’m obsessed with all things Disney, although I haven’t had much time to watch TV at all lately.
5. What do you think about long distance relationship?
        It would drive me out of my mind…not really a fan.  I’ve spent far too much time in my life wanting boys who didn’t want me back.  A long distance relationship is another heart wrenching torture I’d rather not endure.  If it works for you though, have fun.  I don’t think anyone really wants that though…
6. What do you think is the main cause of infidelity?
       People are capable of awful things.  Infidelity is absolutely deplorable.  I cannot fathom how you could love one person and do something as awful as being unfaithful to them, if you’re dating, or even worse if you’re married.  I find people who cheat to be disgusting.  I do not even believe in divorce; one of the most awful things on this earth.  When you promise to be faithful to someone, you should honor that or do not make the commitment in the first place.
7. What was your greatest achievement so far?
        Hmm… I’m not sure.  Maybe having most of my college tuition paid for in scholarships or maybe having a 3.9 GPA in college.   
8. What do you think about interracial marriage?
        Love is love…race, religion, gender, etc. should not matter.  You don’t really chose whom you love.
9. What song reminds you a sad story of your life?
        The only thing I can think of right now is Taylor Swift’s “I’d Lie.”  It’s a cute song and it’s not really that sad a story.  It just reminds me of a boy I used to like who did not like me back.  At the time, I was sad about it, but looking back, I didn’t really like him as much as I thought I did.  I just think I wanted to be wanted at the time.  I pass him in the hallways now at school and laugh to myself…I was a little bit ridiculous about that.   Oh, and another song “Skin” by Alexz Johnson (such a beautiful song, one of my favorites) reminds me of an unhappy time in my life involving my parents getting divorced…rather not talk about that though.
10. Do you think the world will really end this 2012?
        Absolutely not, I highly doubt it.  People need to calm down about that.  The world will end when it does, no sense in worrying about it, especially not because some ancient people predicted it.   
11. What is love?
        I think there are a million ways you could answer this question, and no on e can really say any one else’s definition would be wrong.  Love is an enchanting and wonderful feeling.  It is patient and understanding.  It can drive people mad but at the same time make you blissfully happy.  It is not something that I feel can be entirely understood.  It is not concrete.  Love is wanting someone to be happy and wanting to be with them always.  It is the way a mother looks at her child.  It is the only thing that truly matters in the world.  It is all you need.  It is everything I want.
Lastly, here are my 11 questions:
1.) What is your favorite song right now?
2.) Have you ever been in love?
3.) What is your favorite dessert?
4.) Have you traveled outside your country and where?
5,) What was your favorite book as a child?
6.) What is your favorite book right now?
7.) If you could be anywhere and with anyone right now, where and with whom would you be?
8.) Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?
9.) Has there ever been an event in your life that made you question an idea or belief that you had?
10.) If you could have one selfish wish right now, what would it be?
11.) What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
I tag anyone who reads this and wishes to do the tag!  Do this tag post on your blog if you have one or you could just answer the questions below if you’d like.  Open-mouthed smile Have a wonderful weekend!
                                                                                   ♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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