Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cleaning Out My Closet! Tips!

Ciao dears,
I loved this song when I was younger…still do. Had to include it because of the title, other than that it has nothing to do with the rest of the post, ha!
        I spent about 3 days last week organizing my room, cleaning out my closet, throwing away things that were old and ugly, and going through pretty much every article of clothing I own.  I had to get rid of about 200-ish pairs of jeans (I haven’t gotten rid of a pair in years and I guess I liked buying new ones…lol) as well as a bunch of tops, skirts, etc.! Sad smile  I was not too happy about it since I love my clothes, lol, but now that I’ve lost some weight (70 pounds!), everything is too big.  I did get a bunch of new clothes recently (with money I saved from my birthday, yay! Smile) so that made me feel a little better about getting rid of so much stuff.  new clothes always make me feel better.  I did keep a few of my favorite things that are a little big because I can wear belts or find some way to make them work.  Anyway, I thought I’d share some tips on organizing your closet and getting rid of things you don’t want/need/wear.  I hope they’re helpful to someone. Smile 
1.) Get rid of anything that you no longer want or that you won’t wear anymore (or that doesn’t fit for some reason, unless you intend to fit in it again, lol).  I know some people (me!!) love to hold onto things way too long and dread throwing things away (I’m such a hoarder!), but it’s good to make room for new things or just to make your closet more organized and useful for getting dressed/finding things more easily.  I had some shirts from the eighth grade (lol!!) that were weird and I was never going to wear again; it was definitely time to get rid of them. 
2.) Sort the things you don’t want into 2 different piles/bags: 
-Trash (things that are ruined, have holes, or are just plain awful!) 
-Donate/Give-away/Sell (things that are wearable but you just don’t want or fit in them anymore)
     It’s always nice to donate old clothes to those who want them or are less fortunate than you.  You      could either give them to someone you might know who is whatever size the clothes are who might want them or donate them to some kind of charitable organization like Goodwill or something.  I’m sure you could find one of those big bin things near where you live that collect clothes for the less fortunate.  This is what I usually do with all my clothes I don’t want anymore or that don’t fit, it makes me feel good to know I helped someone. Smile  
        You could also sell some of the nicer things you don’t want to a consignment/second-hand shop near you if you wanted to make a little extra money.  I’m going to try this with a few of my jeans and things that I’m not donating since there’s this new consignment shop near me, I'll try and see if it works out.
3.) Arrange and sort your closet (that is now mostly free of anything you don’t wear/want/fit in) by either color or style or both.  This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, especially when in a hurry.  I prefer color, so I organize my closet starting with white on one side then going through all the colors until you get to black on the other side.  You also might want to sort by style such as tank tops, short sleeved tops, blazers, etc…  I also put a second pole in my closet (I’m so handy, lol!) since I needed more space (I wish I had a walk in closet, but sadly I don’tSad smile), so I have my shirts/tops on the top pole and skirts/pants at the bottom of the closet. 
4.) If you have a ridiculous amount of clothes (like I do…still, lol), it helps to divide them into Summer/Spring and Winter/Fall things.  I put away the Summer/Spring clothes when it gets cold and store them in big plastic bins that I store in my basement.  I switch them with the Winter/Fall clothes in the Spring.  That way, my closet isn’t cluttered with things that won’t be worn for months.
5.) I also re-organized my jewelry and accessories (they got a little messy lately, lol), but I’ve already done a post on that before and not much has changed.  You can see how I organized them here: http://principessagabriella.blogspot.com/2011/02/jewelryaccessoriesmakeup-collection.html 
Happy Organizing dears!  Do you have any good tips for organizing your closet or clothes or room?  Comment below. Smile
P.S. Thanks Dominick for the idea to write about this on here.  See, I do listen to you, always, lol. Winking smile
♥Xoxo Gabriella

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