Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect Boyfriends Are Made of…

Ciao Dears,
So what are perfect boyfriends made of?  Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?? Ha, not quite…

        I saw this movie a few days ago called “Beauty & the Briefcase.”  It was a really cute, romantic comedy, girly type of movie.  I watched it mostly because Hilary Duff was in it.  (I loved Lizzie McGuire when I was younger.)  Basically, Hilary’s character, Lane, is a fashion journalist who is working undercover at a business firm to write an article on dating businessmen and finding the perfect boyfriend based on a list.  Her list consists of 10 things she wants in a boyfriend (or what she calls her “magic man” lol!) and was rather ridiculous.  She was one very picky girl, worse than me…ha!  Lane’s ridiculous list for her “magic man” consists of things like: sexy accent, spontaneous, travels to exotic locations on a whim, good fashion sense, plays a sexy musical instrument, witty, same taste in food as her, public fights and torrid make-up sex (lol), and puts passion above common sense.  Some of them sound nice, like a sexy accent…lol, but it’s not really something that should be “necessary” in a boyfriend.  I liked that by the end of the movie, Lane finally realizes that her list is a bit insane and she falls in love with a man who possesses absolutely none of those qualities.
        So, since I love lists, and I probably have had one in my head all my life anyway, I thought I’d make my own “magic man” or perfect boyfriend (or my prince ) list.  They’re not really all necessary…well most of them are...
1.) Sweet: So, I guess no one really wants a mean boyfriend, ha, but he has to be kind, considerate, and it wouldn't hurt if he wanted to tell me sweet things all the time either.
2.) Intelligent: He doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist but if he reads, went/goes to college, and is not one of those guys who knows nothing about anything but sports and video games, that’d be nice. 
3.) Family Oriented: I like guys who are close with their families and eventually want families of their own in the future.  Family is very important to me, so this one is important.  When I went on dating websites, I would never answer or consider a guy who didn’t want kids…maybe I’m weird, but too bad.
4.) Belief in God: Preferably Christian, more specifically Catholic, would be nice. 
5.) Attentive: I really, really, really (is that enough emphasis?! ha!) want a boyfriend who pays attention to me!  This one is also important, particularly right now!  I want a guy who wants to talk to me, text me, see me often, etc.  (This is probably because my first and only boyfriend was really sweet and paid attention to me for a few months and then never had time for me, and would eventually just ignore me and never speak to me again…fun, right?!)  If you care about someone and want to see them, no matter what you have to do, you can make time to see them if you try. 
6.) Attractive: I tend to like guys with dark hair, who are tall (at least a few inches taller than me is nice, so I can wear heels, lol!), and nice eyes don’t hurt either. Yes, I’m allowed to be a little superficial, aren’t I, ha. He doesn’t have to be perfect at all (I’m not! No one is.), but I do want to be with someone I find physically attractive (doesn’t everyone?).
7.) Affectionate: I want a guy who wants to cuddle and such. Smile I also wouldn’t mind if he wants to call me cute things like sweetheart (or principessa or princess Winking smile lol).
8.) More Outgoing than Me: This one isn’t too hard to accomplish.  It probably includes about 98% of the world…ha!  I’m ridiculously shy (especially when you first meet me and less so as I know you more), so it helps if the guy is a little more talkative and outgoing. 
9.) Faithful: He can only want to be with one girl (me of course, ha!) and that’s it.  The end.
10.) Good Sense of Humor: Funny is always good. Smile 
       What do you think of Lane’s list?  What about mine?  So, what qualities would you want in your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend?  What’s on your list?  Tell me in the comments!  I hope you all find your perfect mate one day…and that I do too…lol. Winking smile 
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                                                                                                                                    Xoxo Gabriella 

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