Saturday, June 23, 2012

Short Story: “More than Friends? Or Not?”

       Sofia and Daniel had been friends for a while now, about a year. She loved him, as one loves their friends, and enjoyed talking to him and spending time with him.  She texted him almost every day and didn’t like going very long without seeing or talking to him.  Sometimes they’d talk on the phone, but she wasn’t really partial to that, she preferred texting with most people.  She’d never really been good friends with a guy before, although she wasn’t a little girl anymore, far from it.  She liked it though and was slowly getting used to it.  She still wasn’t always herself around him though.  He was still a guy and still made her a little nervous, but not as nervous as other guys made her.  Dan was incredibly sweet to her, almost always…unless she got on his nerves, which she tended to do occasionally, mostly when she was complaining about or upset with another guy.  She knew he was sometimes jealous of whatever boy currently had her affections, but she always wanted to talk to him about them anyway.  It was probably a little mean and selfish of her, though she didn’t mean to be.  Sometimes she even enjoyed arguing with him a little, playfully and not about anything too serious of course, but still.
        It was about 3 o’clock on a hot summer day in the middle of July.  Sofia was in her room, getting ready to go see a movie with Dan.  The sun shown through her window, illuminating the hot pink dress she had chosen to wear that was perhaps a little too sexy to be going out with just a friend, but she didn’t care.  Maybe she wanted him to look at her as more than that again…or maybe she just liked to dress nice.  As she swiped on a shimmery pink lip gloss, she thought about when she’d told him she only wanted to be friends.  He agreed rather easily that time.  She had meant it, but on the other hand, she sort of wanted him to argue with her a little about it.  If he had really liked her all that much, wouldn’t he have?  Or did he just think there wasn’t any point?  Maybe he thought she wouldn’t change her mind.  Would she have?  She wasn’t really sure. Maybe her ex-boyfriend had been right.  Maybe she did secretly like a little drama.  Who knows?  She knew she wanted male attention.  She wanted to be cuddled, kissed and feel loved…was that so wrong?  Was it wrong to want him to want her?  Or to wonder if they could act like normal people their age and just have fun?  She wasn’t too sure about any of that either…  She’d never been like other people her age, why start now?
        “Dinggg dong!” The doorbell shocked her out of her thoughts and she hurried downstairs to answer the door.  It was Dan, who was ten minutes early, of course.  She greeted him and they walked to his car together.  As they walked, Sofia looked up at him, since he was a few inches taller than her, and wondered if he ever thought about being more than friends with her.  She loved the collared polo shirt he was wearing.  It clung to his upper body in all the right places.  “Stop that!  You know you only want to be friends, right…?” she thought, silently scolding herself.  He opened the door for her, like he always did.  He was such a gentleman.  They arrived at the movie theater a little early and sat in the middle towards the back.  It was the afternoon and the movie they had picked most not have been too popular because they were the only ones in the theater.  Sofia liked it though, when they were alone she didn’t have to worry about other people or what they thought.  Throughout the movie, she had a little trouble concentrating; she kept glancing over at Dan.  Luckily he hadn’t noticed though, but maybe she wanted him to notice.  She put her hand on her lap, moving it closer and closer towards him, hoping he’d notice.  He didn’t.  Maybe she should forget about whatever she was trying to do.  What was she thinking?  He must be over her, if he had ever really liked her all that much to begin with...romantically that is, she knew he liked her.  She didn’t know if she really wanted him to be her boyfriend…did she?  Or maybe she just wanted attention, or affection, or to be an almost normal girl her age...  “Oh well”, she thought.  She’d just have to get over it and live with it, like she always had.
        A little while later, towards the end of the movie, Sofia started thinking about Dan again.  Maybe she should do something.  It couldn’t hurt, could it?  Did she want to though?  What would it do to their friendship?  They had already been through some strange things together.  She preferred for the guy to make the move though.  Plus, she didn’t want to feel like an idiot if he rejected her.  Maybe she would try anyway though, she was sure he had liked her a lot at some point, maybe he still could.  She figured she needed to stop thinking herself in circles before she went completely mad. So, without thinking anymore, she looked over at him, tapped his arm and said “Dan.”  “What?” he responded.  She looked in his eyes for a second and he stared back at her, a little confused.  Before either of them could say anything else, she leaned in and gently kissed his lips for a second and then panicked a bit and pulled back.  “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that…”  Dan looked a little shocked, but he smiled at her and said “I thought you just wanted to be friends, Sofia.  Did I miss something?”  “I did, I do…I don’t know what I want.  I’m sorry, Dan.”  “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.  Come here, beautiful.  I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time, Sof, in case this is my only chance, I’m taking it” he whispered to her.  Then he grabbed her and pulled her close to him, his hands in her hair, kissing her sweetly and gently, at first.  Then, he kissed her harder and more passionately; she felt his tongue slide in her mouth.  Sofia giggled a little and kissed him back, while running her fingers through his dark, curly hair.  She’d always wanted to touch his hair.  Maybe that was weird…oh well, it was cute.
        They kept kissing like that for a while until they realized the movie was over.  It probably had been for a few minutes.  Sofia turned away from Dan for a second, a little embarrassed, and asked: “So, now what happens, Dan?”  “I’m not sure, Sof, but I wouldn’t mind doing that again sometime if you want…”  Sofia smiled at him and giggled as she said: “We’ll see…dear.”  They walked hand in hand out of the theater.  Dan drove Sofia home and walked her to her door.  She stared at him for a few seconds and then said: “Well, I guess I’ll text you about the awkwardness of this later.”  They both laughed.  “I’m sure you will, Sof, and I’ll be waiting.”  He smiled and kissed her goodbye.  She waved as he left and sat on her porch for a while, trying to process what had just happened, what it meant, if anything, and what would happen next.  She realized she really, desperately needed to think a little less sometimes and just live.  Let whatever happens just happen and for once in her life.  She needed to not be so serious about everything.  So they had kissed, so what?  The world would keep spinning.  No one needed to know about it if they didn’t want them to know.  Anyway, he was very sweet and she definitely liked it.  She wasn’t married or dating anyone, what was the harm?  She went inside and thought about what she would say to him now.  “Was it too soon?” she thought.  She always talked about her problems or things she was confused about with him.  Could she still do that if he was the subject of concern?  Why not…she’d already kissed him, how much more strange could their friendship get.  “I guess I’m about to find out,” she said to herself as she fiddled with her phone.     The End.
P.S.: This is a work of fiction.  Like all fiction, it may have some basis in reality, but still it is fiction. I may have written the particular story recently or a long time ago, either way, it is fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental.  Or maybe it’s not…you’ll never know!  Does it really matter anyway? Ha.  ;) 
        I’m going to try to go through my computer and edit and post some other random stories I have written soon too, so hopefully some of you read them and enjoy.  I’m working on writing/editing some more fashion and recipe posts as well as other random things soon too.  I hope everyone’s summer is going well.  :)
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