Monday, August 20, 2012

Boys…Guys…Men Oh my!! Boyfriend/Life Update! :)

Ciao dears!,
        Miss me?  So, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately…I’m sorry.  Hopefully some of you still remember me, ha! I was in Italy for 2 weeks and then for the past month after that, I just wanted to spend less time on the computer and more time having a real life especially before school starts!  I’m student teaching a third grade class this semester starting September 4th!  I’m super nervous I’ll forget everything I ever learned, lol!, but also very excited!  Anyway, I haven’t complained/whined or talked about guys on here in at least a few months, so I’m going to update you all on my life lately, particularly what’s been going on with guys in my life…and my new boyfriend!!  
        I wrote quite a few times on here about my first boyfriend, Adi, and about how that didn’t go so well.  We tried to be friends and then that didn’t work.  He asked to meet me one day in May and said he wanted to get back together (totally should have said no…but I had such a hard time letting go of my first love…sometimes I still miss him and the way we were when things were going well or maybe the way I wanted things to be…) so I agreed.  But then he never showed up…and I was crushed, again.  After that I messaged him like a million times for like 2 months…and he never answered me, not a word…  Then a few weeks ago, I randomly decided to message him on facebook one day and ask how he was and what happened to him.  I didn’t really think he’d answer since he hadn’t answered me anywhere else or at all before.  He did answer me though and said he was doing well and wished me well with my new boyfriend (yay! I’ll get to that part soon Smile).  Of course he never answered any of my questions about what happened or why he asked me to meet him and didn’t show up or why he ignored me for months…but I really shouldn’t be surprised by that by now… He always drove me crazy and now I know he’d never change.  So, I don’t think I’ll be speaking to him again ever, but I wished him well anyway and that’s it.
     Anyway, while trying to finally get over him, I tried to date other guys.  I talked to this one boy named Jack for a few weeks and then he finally asked me out, we went on one date, which was okay, and then he never seemed to have time for me, so I told him not to bother talking to me ever again.  The last thing I need is another boy who doesn’t make time for me.  So after him I tried dating another boy named Yan.  He seemed really nice, was 25 and Russian.  My mom made fun of me because it seems apparently I have a thing for older European boys with weird names…lol.  So we went on 2 dates, then he disappeared for a few days and then apparently had some kind of problem he didn’t want to talk much about which apparently meant he didn’t have time for a girlfriend.  Whatever, I wasn’t too sad about it.  I was already thinking that although he was sweet and seemed nice and such…I knew I couldn’t be with him for very long.  He was the kind of boy I could date if I wanted to annoy my parents…lol.  He smoked (eww! I usually ignore guys on the spot for that…I must have missed it or made an exception…big mistake!) and he was an agnostic…which if you ask me if pretty much an atheist…and that bothers me… I have this whole cute little fantasy of going to church with my husband and kids…and that’d be a problem…lol.  Anyway, after those 2 guys I think I finally figured out my issue with guys…other than I’m picky and a few I liked didn’t care I existed and the tons of them who find me on dating sites aren’t right somehow or other…lol.  I’ve gotten soooo many messages from guys on dating websites and I would sift through them read them, check out the guys…usually, I end up ignoring them because they’re either rude, awful, creepy, too old, or I’m just not interested in them for one reason or another (they probably didn’t match with my perfect boyfriend list lol!)
        So, I think my problem with boys/guys/men (same thing) is that I’ve always desperately wanted but I never really had that magical, all consuming, fairytale, fun, exciting, romance that your supposed to have in your teenage years or college years or soon after…the one talked about in a million songs (see above for examples Winking smile), movies, TV shows (which I why I think I love all those teenager-ish shows and movies).  You all know what I mean, don’t you, maybe you’ve experienced that or want it like I do, lol.  The kind of sweet romance where the guy wants to spend all his time with the girl he loves, like one of those summer romance movies where they spend everyday together all summer long…sigh.  I had still only had one boyfriend so far (when I started writing this post, until like 3 weeks ago! But I’m getting to that!)whom I thought was going to be that for me…and he was for a few weeks but then the other few months we were together I didn’t even see him that often and there were too many problems.  Anyway, I think everyone deserves ,should have, and most people usually do have that.  Usually it doesn’t last forever, for some lucky people it does… I wish I were or will be one of them… If you ask me it seems like everyone in the world but me has experienced that, but I tend to be a tad overdramatic about it… ha! I’ve always wanted it soooo badly though and I still do…  We’ll see I guess.  I just want a “perfect for me” guy to want me and love me and want to have that kind of relationship that I’ve always wanted with me… I want him to text me and call me (do guys know phones still do that? lol) or communicate with me somehow every day, to want my attention all the time, want to be with me and actually make plans and make it happen.  I want a guy who’d bring me flowers or even a flower or some cute little gift, just to be sweet, who’d show up to visit me all the time, who’d surprise and excite me and who’d be serious about being with only me.  He’d make me dance even though I’d say I don’t want to, he be persistent and make me want to with him, he’d give me excuses to get all dressed up, etc…  He’d take charge of certain things and be the “man” in the relationship but still be sweet and consider what I wanted.  He’d know what he was doing in the relationship…  I want to do all the fun, romantic things cute couples in love do: go places together (a park, a museum, anything interesting or fun), go out to dinner, to the movies, have a picnic, I’d make him dinner and dessert Smile, walk around the mall, hold hands, and be obnoxiously adorable (lol), go on a cute little day trip somewhere, at some point maybe a weekend trip, and  just spend time together.  He should be affectionate and just love me… Basically, I want a man that’s as obsessed with me as I always am with them.  I know, I want a lot…but I’ve been deprived all these years, lol, which just gave me time to dream up a million things I’d want to do when I found my prefect boyfriend (seriously I have an even longer list in my diary somewhere, with even more ridiculous dreams/fantasies like going to Disney World or Disneyland together <3 and a million other things, so greedy! ha) but I am a lovely girl and I know I deserve it. Winking smile
        So, when I began the first half of this post, about 3 and a half weeks ago, it was going to end there, but…I currently (since Jul 30!) have a new and wonderful boyfriend!  I have mentioned him a bunch of times on here before: my used to be best-friend, now sweetheart boyfriend, Dominick! <3  He’s the 2nd boy I have considered my boyfriend and hopefully it works out better than the 1st guy…lol.  We’ve been friends for about 7 months and we did actually go on 2 dates one of the times my first boyfriend left the country and I thought he broke up with me (see my posts from last December and January for that insanity…lol) but then when my 1st boyfriend came back, I told him we could just be friends because at the time I was still in love with Adi (first boyfriend).  Anyway, he’s always been such a good friend; I don’t think we’ve gone an entire day without speaking the whole time we’ve been friends. We’ve spent a lot of time together and I was always texting him throughout those 7 months.  He was even sweet enough to listen to my boy problems, even though I knew they bothered him for obvious reasons.

        So 3 weeks ago, we decided we should try dating again. He totally loved me the whole time though…and I knew  <3 I had thought about dating him again a bunch of times, but I always worried about a few things.  First and most importantly, that it would ruin our friendship in case it didn’t work out (which would crush me) but I made him promise we’d always be friends (lol) and he doesn’t generally lie to me.  Second, and maybe I shouldn’t say this…but I wasn’t sure if I could love him like a boyfriend or that he was the more mature kind of guy I usually go for (I tend to like slightly older guys…a few years, because I can’t stand immature little boys…lol, but I think all men are immature in some way or another, very few are not in my opinion).  But all of that was silly to worry about, because he is absolutely amazing.  I already knew he was sweet, intelligent, kind, and funny, and generally wonderful.  He’s a senior in college this year (like me) and he’s an accounting major.  He’s also published a poem…which is pretty awesome and cute.  He’s cute too, I love his dark curly hair. Smile  He has proven to be such a great boyfriend so far too.  He never ignores me (always a plus! Ha), we’re still constantly talking, possibly more than before (which was still a lot lol).  He always makes time to see me and we have a lot of fun together.  We’ve gone to the movies, He took me to see my favorite singer ever in concert! (Alexz Johnson, more on that eventually), he comes to my house to visit a lot, we even went on a double date with my sister and her fiancé (lol), and we just enjoy each other’s company.  We hold hands, we cuddle, kiss (of course…he’s my boyfriend…ha)…We’re pretty damn cute! <3  He even takes pictures with me if I ask and doesn’t think I’m a nut for taking a million pictures of myself for my blog (at least I don’t think so…lol).  The other day he gave me this cute little pillow that says “my angel.”  Aww, wasn’t that sweet!  We also have a lot in common.  We’re both Italian, in college, family-oriented, Catholic, we like some of the same things, etc.  Anyway, maybe if I’m lucky I’ll have all the things I want with him.  We’ll see, I suppose.  I’ve included some pictures of us together, aren’t we cute? Winking smile 
        Also, in case you’re not interested in my weird love life, ha which is probably most of you lol, I still plan to post a bunch of other things before I start school: my Italy vacation pictures, summer outfits…a lot, recipes, and other random things, etc.  Look for those here soon.  Hope you are all having a great end of summer! Smile  Sorry if I haven’t been around commenting on some of your blog lately too, I’ll be checking them all soon too. 
P.S. Hi Dominick, I know you’ll read this soon, lol.  I love you sweetheart! (even when I’m a little upset with you for weird reasons that probably don’t make sense to you….lol)
                                                                                                                            Xoxo Gabriella

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