Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short Story: “Bad Boys…Worth it or Not?”

“Bad Boys…Worth it or not?
A Good Girl’s Daydream”
        Alexzandra waited for her boyfriend, Justin, to come over to watch a movie and stay in, which was nice, but…sometimes she wished they were more fun.  He took her out sometimes, particularly when they first started dating, but she felt like she had to tell him what to do and only when she complained that they never did anything fun.  She sat on the couch waiting for him to arrive and drifted off to sleep…dreaming of what she thought she wanted… A gorgeous boy with slicked back, dark hair came over to pick her up in his fast black sports car at around 12am because she’d texted him that she was bored.  She loved when he did things like that.  She put on her sexiest skirt and corset top and ran out the door to greet him.  ”Hi Tommy!” she said, thrilled to see him.  He had on a dark leather jacket, black boots, and the sexiest jeans she’d ever seen a guy wear.  He grabbed her and pulled her into the most passionate kiss she’d ever experienced.  He pressed her against his car and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in that moment.  When he finally let go of her, they got in and raced down the street and off into the night. 
        He always had something exciting and fun planned at a moment’s notice. She appreciated that about him.  She knew sometimes when she looked at him, that he was destined to be that boy in so many Taylor Swift songs that’d eventually break your heart…but for the time being he was hers…and that was all she cared about.  If it didn’t last forever, which she knew it wouldn’t, she' wouldn’t be too surprised.  She’d be okay though, at least shed have the memories and stories to tell.  For the time being, he was an excellent distraction from her “good girl” “work, college, homework, do what you’re supposed to do” lifestyle.  He was everything she wasn’t: dangerous, reckless, carefree, and she loved it.  He gave her a reason to get dressed up, because she knew he’d take her somewhere, show her off, and of course he’d appreciate her sexy outfit.  He always complimented her.  She also loved that he would surprise her sometimes with flowers or pretty little gifts.  Last week he had given her the most gorgeous necklace.  She had never had a guy give her something so nice.  Sometimes it bothered her that he had had so many girlfriends before her.  Looking the way he did, of course he was quite the player.  But sometimes, she thought “Well, at least he knows what to do, and how to treat a girl, to some extent…he’s had a lot of practice!”. 
        They arrived at their destination in a few minutes: a party a friend of his was having.  She was not used to this kind of thing before him, but with him she tried not to be so self conscious, and went anyway.  He always made her feel comfortable wherever they were.  He made her feel as though she were the only girl in the room when he danced with her or took her to a quiet room to talk, among other things…  They had a great time, she was so glad she had left her remaining homework for tomorrow.  On their way out of the party, as they were holding hands, an obviously drunken girl ran into them.  “Excuse you!” said Alexzandra. The girl stropped and starred at the two of them for a second. Then suddenly she screamed “Tommy!!! How could you?!”  Tommy was noticeably worried and took a step back. “Who is this tramp, Tommy?!” asked Alexzandra angrily.  “I’ve never seen this girl in my life, Alexz, she must be so drunk she’s confusing me with someone else.”  “Don’t you dare do that to me Tommy! I’m Sadie, his girlfriend…or other girlfriend apparently!!”  Alexzandra noticed the girl was wearing the exact same necklace she was, that Tommy had given her.  She was livid and yelled at Tommy: “You’ve been cheating on me with her? For how long? Uggh, you’re disgusting!!”  “Baby, it’s only been a few weeks, it’s not that serious, I promise...” said Tommy sheepishly.  “I’m leaving, this party, and you, don’t ever talk to me again!” screamed Alexz as she ran away from him and called a cab to take her home.  She sobbed the whole way there, the driver must have thought she was a nutcase. 
        She sat outside her house to collect herself for a minute.  She should have known…she almost did.  “I knew eventually he’d disappoint me, that’s what I get for dating a guy like that. It was fun while it lasted though.” She said to herself while searching for a tissue in her purse.  As she opened the door, she heard Tommy’s car screech into her driveway…  “Dinnnngg Donnnnggg!” The doorbell shocked Alexzandra out of her crazy daydream.  She looked around, slightly confused. “Oh, Justin must be here” she thought as she ran to get the door hoping he hadn’t been there too long.  She greeted him with a hug and a kiss.  She loved him, she really did.  As they watched a movie he had chosen, sitting cuddled on her couch that night, she thought about that dream.  Did she really want to be with a “bad boy,” in a relationship that’d never last…if only for a short time? Maybe, in theory, or in dreams…  She looked over at Justin and smiled.  He smiled back.  He’d never do something like that to her and she knew it.  She tried to be happy with what she had.  She leaned over and kissed him suddenly, and reminded him how much she loved him.  He was a good guy and she liked it. 
The End.
Xoxo Gabriella  

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