Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fashion Time Travel: Fall Edition

Ciao lovelies!,
1.) Black Magic
        I love this little back dress: it’s lacy and came with a cute brown belt, which is a nice contrast.  I also adore my polka dot tights!  I adore fun patterned and colored tights…it’s an obsession. Winking smile 
IMG_8863        IMG_8864IMG_8865        IMG_8867IMG_8868     IMG_8873IMG_8874
Dress & Belt: Charlotte Russe, Tights: Rainbow, Heels: Kmart, Necklace & Bracelet: Forever 21
2.) Casual & Comfy w/ Hints of Pink
IMG_8766        IMG_8774
Grey Top: ??, Tank top & Necklace: Forever 21, Jeans: Aeropostale, Shoes: (I think…)
3.) Extra Glitter!
        Anytime I want to feel sexy and pretty and happy…I wear these shoes for a while!  I love them.  I need pairs just like them in every color of the rainbow glitter please…I’ll bake you cupcakes…ha! Winking smile
IMG_8800        IMG_8801
Pink Glittery Top: DEB, Black Shrug: Forever 21, Skirt:, Shoes: Torrid
4.) Mixing Neutrals: Brown, Black & Cheetah!
IMG_8901       IMG_8902
Top: ? Used to be my sister’s, Jeans: Rainbow, Booties: Avenue, Earrings: Claire’s
5.) Sweetheart in Burgundy Lace
IMG_8920      IMG_8921
Skirt, Necklace,  and Top: Forever 21, Booties: Avenue
6.) Pumpkin Patch Stripes!
IMG_8945     IMG_8949
IMG_8953        IMG_8956
IMG_8957       IMG_8960
IMG_8961      IMG_8962
Because, Because, Because, Because… Wizard of Oz characters!!! Smile 
Jacket: DEB, Dress (or top?): Torrid, Leggings & Booties: Avenue, Earrings: Forever 21
7.) Hot Pink & Backless Peplum!
IMG_9275    IMG_9277
IMG_9284     IMG_9285
Top: DEB, Skirt: Target, Tights: Forever 21, Booties: Fashion Bug (which I think went out of business Sad smile )
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