Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Peek-a Boo!

Ciao dears,
        This is a somewhat unusual outfit.  I like this dress (I have it in gray too.  They’re American Apparel dresses I found on for super cheap, like under $10! yay! with a gift card my sweetheart gave me for Christmas.  Thanks Dominick!).  What’s interesting about it is that you can tie the top part in like 15 different ways (see:, which is awesome!  I liked this way because it creates a little peek-a-boo hole in the front..hehe!  I wanted to wear colorful tights too, so I chose these magenta colored pair.   What do you think of this outfit?  Comment and let me know.       
IMG_0460                     IMG_0462
I’m not sure why these pictures turned out blurry…my camera must have had something on the lens…oops!
IMG_0464             IMG_0465
IMG_0467                    IMG_0468
Dress: (it’s an American Apparel dress I got for under $10! yay!), Tights:, Lace top: Rainbow, Shoes: still don’t remember, online somewhere, Rings: Forever 21 
                                                                                                               ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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