Monday, February 11, 2013

Sexy Makeup for Valentine’s Day: Smoky Eyes & Red Lips

Ciao Sweeties!,
        Are you tired of me and my Valentine’s Day obsessed posts yet?! Hope not, ha.  So, some people think bold lips and eyes are “too much” but that doesn’t matter to me, too much doesn’t exist in my world.  I think it looks pretty and sexy.  So, if you’re looking for a makeup look for Valentine’s Day or any day you’re feeling sexy, here’s one I like.
 IMG_0586         IMG_0591
IMG_0614          IMG_0607
Here’s what I used:
Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation in Light 01
Almay Clear Complexion Concealer (the lightest shade)
Covergirl Pressed Powder in 105 Ivory
NYX Concealer in orange
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Perfect Topping
NYC color wheel in Rose Glow
L'Oreal Paris Enchanting Blush in 802 Barely Blushing
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Eyeliner in Perfect Black
Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Mascara in Black?
Flirt Eye Shadow in Coconutty (for brows)
Flirt Eye Shadow in 05 Peach Champagne
Random Sparkly White Shadow
Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Zero (shimmery black)
MAC Lipstick in Heartless
NYX Lip-gloss in Perfect Red
NYZ Lip Liner in Plush Red
IMG_0597          IMG_0601IMG_0593
IMG_0602       IMG_0603
Here’s How I did it:
1.) Face: Apply foundation (whichever you prefer of course…with everything) all over face and down neck, with fingers or a brush, whichever.  Apply concealer under eyes (I use an orange first then skin color to try to cover dark circles) and on any other area you want to cover a bot more.
2.) Cheeks & Bronzer: Apply a pretty nude/bronzy color blush to apples of cheeks with a big blush brush and brush upwards towards your temples.  Then apply bronzer using a medium sized fluffy brush (I used a pretty light one but still noticeable) to your cheeks by sucking them in (fish face!) and apply along the line/part that goes in (make sense?  hope so) from your mouth to the top of your cheek.  You can also make an E and a 3 on both side of your face to apply bronzer all over the face to create definition.  Also sweep a little along your jawline and down your neck so you match.  Last, apply a skin finish (shimmery powder) to the tops of your cheeks near your eyes)
3.) Eyes: Apply an eye shadow primer all over your eye area. (*Important for lasting makeup!)  Brush and fill in your eyebrows if you prefer them dark like I do.  Apply a shimmery (or matte, I prefer shimmer) peachy eyeshadow to the inner corners and to the middle of the eyelid, top and bottom, with a flat eyeshadow brush.  Next, take a black pencil eyeliner and line your eyes from the top innermost part to the edge, getting thicker toward the middle and end.  Also line underneath your eyes starting about a third of the way in going to the outer edge.  Use your finger or one of those eyeshadow sponges to smudge (a tiny bit messily) the liner along the eyes to create the smoky effect.  Add a little black eyeshadow on top of the liner (top and bottom) to make a little bit smokier.  Also, line the inner part of your eyelid top and bottom (if you can/prefer).   Next, take the black eyeshadow again on a pointed eyeshadow brush and apply to the outer corner of your eye (making a “V”) and about halfway along the crease.  Use a bit more of the black on a fluffy blending brush to bland the colors together until it looks the way you want.  Don’t sweep the black too far towards the inner part, but if you do just add some more of the lighter color an blend.  Apply a shimmery white shadow along the brow bone with a fluffy brush and blend a bit with the tops part of the black and along the outer edges of the black.  Also place the white in the inner corners and blend it upwards a bit.  Last, curl your lashes and apply two or three coats of your favorite mascara.              
4.) Lips: Line your lips with a red lip liner along the edges (a bit outside them to make your lips appear a bit bigger) and then fill in your entire lips.  Next use a lip brush and add your favorite red lipstick on top of the liner.  Last, add a shiny red gloss to the center of the lips and rub them together a bit.  You can also add a tiny bit of shimmery white eyeshadow to the cupid’s bow (little dip in center of lips) and right underneath your lips in the center.     
5.) Apply face powder last, making sure to sweep under eyes to fix any fallout from eye shadow.
IMG_0609          IMG_0611
I moved my hair so you could see all the makeup for this picture:
Closer pictures: (Ignore my eyebrows that needed plucking…lol)
IMG_0618       IMG_0621IMG_0619
Hope you enjoyed dears, let me know if you try it!
                                                                                                                          ♥♥  Xoxo Gabriella

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