Sunday, February 10, 2013

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: Fashion Suggestions

Ciao lovelies,
        Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away!!!  I’m just a little excited…ha!  I’ve been making heart shaped cookies with and for my sweetheart, snacking on those little conversation candy hearts, and painting tiny hearts on my nails and eyes…Ya, I’m obsessed, I love love and a good theme to have fun with as well.  Smile  So if you haven’t picked out what you’re wearing for Valentine’s Day if you have a date or are just spending time with girlfriend or just your fabulous self, here are some of my ideas for pretty Valentine looks.  Tell me what you think in the comments!  What are you planning on wearing? Have any fun plans?  I’ll show you all what I’m wearing eventually after I catch up with my outfit posts…still I know…
        This first dress is so pretty!  I love a red dress, especially on Valentine's Day and I personally adore a poufy tulle tutu kind of dress.  Unfortunately, those kinds of dresses cost a little too much for me to justify wasting right now. Sad smile  This would have been my Valentine’s Day dress if I could afford it…or had a sugar daddy, ha.  Oh well, I’ll just admire it, maybe I’ll save up for a frilly dress for my birthday next month. (Sorry for all the random rambling.)
1.) Red and Flirty!
Valentine's Day Look 1
2.) Sexy Deep Red
VDay look 2
3.) Pink and Playful
After that first red dress, this one is my next favorite dress from Lulu’ I wish I had…lol.  I love pink and pretty things.
Pink & Playful
  4.) Black & Sexy
Sexy Black
5.) Pink, Red, & Cutesy
Pink, Red, & Cutesy

6.) Black & White Hearts <3
Black & White Hearts
7.) Formal Elegance
        If you happen to have somewhere extra fancy to go (Is there a ball anywhere I can go to?…ha, or just like and can afford to dress up for no reason…I would if I could…I do sometimes, not this much…but I probably will one day), first I’m jealous…second, you should be super excited you get to wear a fun formal dress!  I really need to find some reasons to get overly dressed up, more than my usual dressed up…which is already much more than “normal” or most people anyway…lol, don’t care.  I probably just included this as an excuse to look at pretty ball gowns…
Valentine's Day Formal
8.) Mint to Be
No one said you have to wear red or pink or black on Valentine’s Day…and if they did who cares, wear what you like!  Mint is such a pretty, fun color if you’re not into the traditional themed ones.
Mint to be
                                                                                              ♥♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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