Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pretty in Pink!

Ciao lovelies!,
        If you haven’t gathered from my blog, the background, the poufy pink skirt I’m wearing in the header picture, the many pink things I’ve worn over time, pink is my favorite color!  I love baby pinks, pastels, bright neon pinks, any shade of pink, I love!  So, of course these super pink fun tights mad me very happy.  I think you can tell in the pictures, pink brightens my mood.  Smile  I thought I’d pair them with black and a hint of the same shade of pink in this pretty floral blouse.  I feel like lately I’ve only been talking about clothes in my posts…probably because I’m trying to write blog posts in between tons of school work and having a life.  Most of you are probably only interested in the pictures anyway…lol.  I’ve been trying to do a whole bunch of posts at a time and I pre-set them to post all week.  Eventually, hopefully during spring break (I’m writing this a week before it posts, so when this goes up I’ll actually be on spring break…ha weird)I’ll get to some more detailed things I’ve been wanting to post…short stories, more recipes, things I’ve been meaning to write about my favorite movies, TV shows, music,  maybe an update on my life if anyone cares…etc.     
IMG_0538                    IMG_0540
IMG_0541                   IMG_0542
IMG_0543                 IMG_0545
IMG_0546                IMG_0547
Top: Kohl’s, Skirt:, Tights: Forever 21, Flats: Avenue, Necklace & Rings: Forever 21
                                                                                                               ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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