Thursday, April 18, 2013

In Between Seasons: 5 outfits!

Ciao dears!,
        I’m sorry to sound like a broken record, but I’ve been super busy with school, as always.  There’s only about a month until I graduate (May 18th!!).  I have tons to finfish before I graduate.  I had to make a separate “to do” list for it...ha!  So, in between all of that I’m trying to post some outfits from last month and this one, before it’s over.  This summer I’m going to fix and like re-evaluate and re-do a lot of aspects of my blog.  I need to get to posting about a bunch of things I’ve always intended to, but got too busy for and such.  Anyway. here are a few outfits from March.  Comment and tell me which you like! Smile 
1.) Neutral & Natural
IMG_0936         IMG_0937
IMG_0938           IMG_0939           IMG_0942
My makeup was very neutral with some pink and pretty that day. Smile   
Dress: Ross, Heart-printed Tights, Bracelet, & Earrings: Forever 21, Shoes: Lane Bryant, Belt: Came with a skirt, Necklace: gift from my boyfriend
2.) Black & Red with Navy Polka Dots!
IMG_0949              IMG_0950
IMG_0951            IMG_0952IMG_0955             IMG_0957IMG_0959
Blouse: Marshall’s, Skirt, Tank top, & Tights: Forever 21, Necklace: gift, Shoes: Lane Bryant
3.) Hats off!
        My brother said I looked like a bus driver in this outfit...ha!  Probably not a compliment, but I think it was cute! What do little brothers know? ha!  I was in the mood for deep berry colors in my outfit and makeup. Smile
IMG_1000                   IMG_1001
IMG_1002  IMG_1003   IMG_1004
IMG_1006                 IMG_1008
IMG_1009     IMG_1011
Blazer: Vera Wang “Princess” for Kohl’s, Skirt, Tights, Necklace, & Tank Top: Forever 21, Shoes & Hat: Lane Bryant
4.) Pink & Sweet
IMG_1047                IMG_1048
IMG_1049   IMG_1051   IMG_1054IMG_1059      IMG_1061
Dress: Ross, Tights, Bracelets, & Necklace: Forever 21, Belt: Came with another dress, Shoes: Lane Bryant
5.) Not my Favorite…
       I wasn’t sure if I should post this outfit.  I think I wore and posted a similar one sometime... It’s a bit boring and looks too Fall-ish for Spring…but it was still cold in March! lol  These pants have hug bell bottoms, so they make my legs look big too...  Oh well.
IMG_1062         IMG_1069
IMG_1070                        IMG_1071 
Jeans: Lane Bryant, Top: Forever 21, Boots: ?? my mom’s closet (they blend in with the
                                                                                             ♥♥Xoxo Gabriella

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where is Springtime?

Ciao lovelies,
        These 2 outfits are still pretty wintery but they’re only from March…it’s still been rather cold where I live, even now.  I love the cold and snow and winter, but after months and months of it…I want spring to happen already.  I don’t want to not need a coat and blanket all the time.  Is it spring type weather where you are now?  Hopefully, it’s supposed to get warmer soon.  Hope you all had and are having a lovely weekend!  Comment below if you’d like. 
1.) Teal Peplum  
IMG_0882               IMG_0883
IMG_0884         IMG_0886
IMG_0898                 IMG_0900
Dress: Ross, Tights: Target, Boots: Lane Bryant, Ring: gift, Earrings: Forever 21, Necklace: gift from my boyfriend <3
2.) Long & Sheer
IMG_0902            IMG_0905
IMG_0909IMG_0910 IMG_0911
IMG_0912             IMG_0913IMG_0915               IMG_0916IMG_0917                IMG_0918
 IMG_0919              IMG_0920
Skirt: Zara, Top: Charlotte Russe, Small necklace: gift, Long necklace: Forever 21, Jacket: DEB, Booties: Avenue
                                                                                              ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella