Saturday, June 1, 2013

Princess Dress: Pinky Peach Chiffon & a Corset Top (Unique Vintage Mini Review)

Ciao dears!,
     I promise I am going to blog a lot this summer in between having a little fun and looking for a job.  I will be posting lots of fashion posts because it’s one of my favorite things, but I also want to include recipes, hair/makeup tutorials, some things I’ve written and other random things as well.  Hopefully some of you still remember/follow me…
        On to the important stuff… This dress is practically perfect for me!  It’s a lovely shade of peachy-pink (or pinky peach? ha), has a pretty sweetheart neckline, a corset-like top, and is made of the softest prettiest most twirlable chiffon!  It’s just a perfect pink magical confection of a dress! Smile I bought it to wear on my 22nd birthday.  I found it from this website call Unique Vintage (here:  They have the same in dress in a few other colors too.  It looks like a vintage 1950’s prom dress…which I love!  I love the clothes on that site too.  There’s 1920’s, 50’s, 60’s, and pin-up inspired fashion, among other things.  I want everything!  They’re a bit pricey though and run a little small…at least in the dress I got.  I had to send it back to get the next size up or I couldn’t breathe in it…ha!  They exchanged it and sent me another pretty quickly though, so nice customer service.  I ordered another pretty floral 50’s inspired dress you’ll see on here soon too. Smile  Anyway, on my birthday, I went out to dinner with a bunch of close friends and family.   It was also my almost (soon-to-be) brother in-law’s 30th birthday, which was nice.  It’s interesting having to share my birthday with him…lol, but it’s okay.  (As long as I still get some attention! ha!)  Enjoy my ridiculous amount of pictures…I had fun taking them.  I must find an excuse or just create one to wear this dress again soon.  I bet it’d look pretty outside in the sun. Smile
 IMG_1075                      IMG_1076
Dress:, Polka-dot Tights: Target, Heels: Torrid, Necklace & Bracelet: Forever 21, Shrug: DEB
IMG_1078 IMG_1079
IMG_1081            IMG_1082IMG_1083
I had so much fun twirling…ha! Winking smile
IMG_1088      IMG_1089
Some of these pictures look silly…ha!
IMG_1090IMG_1092                  IMG_1093
I <3 chiffon! Smile
IMG_1097          IMG_1098IMG_1099
               IMG_1103IMG_1104                 IMG_1105
IMG_1107                  IMG_1108
IMG_1109              IMG_1110
Let’s pretend like my bra strap didn’t randomly unhook there…lol
IMG_1133                   IMG_1135IMG_1146
IMG_1150                 IMG_1151
IMG_1152                IMG_1153
IMG_1154                         IMG_1155
IMG_1156                            IMG_1159
We tried to dance and take pictures…ha.  Dominick’s like “what is this girl doing” in that picture on the right…ha!
My mommy & me! <3
IMG_1168           IMG_1170
My mom, me, and Dominick (bf) <3
Friends/Family <3 (That’s my sister and almost brother-in-law in the middle)
I liked the pretty decorations at the restaurant. Smile
My mom, Buck (almost brother-in-law), and I
Birthday Buddies! lol
Everyone at dinner Smile
        That’s all for now! Be back tomorrow probably! Smile
                                                                                                                   ♥Xoxo Gabriella

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