Thursday, June 20, 2013

Something Blue…Influenster Voxbox!

Ciao dears!,
     So, since I have been very busy so far this summer with wedding preparations (for my sister…not me yet! ha! I wish.), it makes sense that I’m updating now with a review of some products that are bridal/wedding themed.  I do have a million outfits and recipes and other things I still need to find time to blog about, along with a little wedding craft series so you can see some of the things that have been taking up all my time (a brooch bouquet, wedding album, kissing balls/flower balls, cupcake bouquets, wedding favors, bridesmaid hairstyle, etc.).  I also have been looking for a teaching job and sent my first application this week (fingers crossed!).
        Anyway the purpose of this post is to show you guys what I received from  They have this blogger/social media program where you can sign up and take surveys and if you meet certain criteria they will send you whatever voxbox (samples of things, with a theme usually) you are matched with, to test out.  I am in my sister’s wedding next month, which is why I’m guessing they picked me for a “Something Blue Voxbox.”  It’s pretty neat and exciting because you don’t know what’s inside until it comes in the mail.  I adore getting packages in the mail.  It’s like Christmas! Hehe!  I’ll show you pictures and then review each product a little, tell you how I used it and my thoughts basically.  Enjoy!
        Here are all the coupons and pamphlets that came in the box.  There’s a coupon for $1 off Kiss Ever Ez Lashes, and on the back are instructions on how to apply the lashes.  There’s 4 coupons for Luster toothpaste and whitening products.  There’s also a pamphlet showcasing a bunch of the ring sets available from My Trio Rings.  They basically sell a set of three rings, an engagement ring, an d the two wedding bands, all matching together.  It’s a good idea and they have a variety of styles for reasonable prices.  If you’re interested in getting engaged or married soon, check out their website:      
Q-Tips Precision Tips:
        I sort of love these!  I know they’re just q-tips…but making them pointy was such a good idea!!  I’ve been using them quite often for eyeliner, to make cat eyes (see pictures below) and they’re also great to fix your makeup when you mess up, get mascara or something somewhere you don’t want it.  They are great to keep around wherever you do  your makeup.  They’d also be great for doing nail designs as well.  Of course, you can do whatever else you want with them too. Smile 
IMG_2425            IMG_2424
        In the pictures above, I’m wearing a pair of the Kiss Ever Ez Lashes.  Of the two packs, these were more dramatic/thicker (01).  I love the look of false lashes, although I have pretty dark, thick, long lashes already, it’s nice for a little extra oomph! Winking smile  I’m usually pretty terrible at putting them on though.  these came with a pink applicator that I loved.  It made is super easy and I was actually able to put them on on my first try on one eye (2nd on the other..but still pretty quick for me!).  The glue that came with them kept them on all day long until I pulled them off.  I can even wear the same pair again if I just pull off the old glue.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I love these lashes!    
        I had this Headache Relief To-Go powder sitting in my purse for a few days.  I was waiting for a reason to use it.  One day I had a terrible headache because I was wearing my old glasses while waiting for new contacts to come in.  So, I read all the directions and warnings and such on the back of the package (always before you take anything!!), and then took the powder.  It dissolves in your mouth and is lemon-lime flavored (yummy!).  Within a few minutes (10-15 maybe), my headache was gone.  The only issue with this is that it has caffeine, which is fine usually, just don’t take it late at night..or you might not sleep right away…like I did, ha!  I I saw on their website that they have an allergy attack one that I’d like to try soon because I hate those and have terrible allergies.
        These are a great thing for any bridesmaid or bride or woman really.  High heels are so pretty…but so painful as well.  I’ve worn these a few times in different shoes and they seem to help keep your feet from hurting longer.  The cushion helps from putting so much pressure on the ball of your foot.  I will be wearing these in my sister’s wedding because I have some 5 inch heels to stand in all day long. I’d recommend these to any woman wearing heels. 
        I’m not particularly fond of my teeth (I only smile w my teeth once in a while in pictures if you’ve noticed) because of something my dentist did when I was young. I had spots on my front teeth because of a strange side effect from a medicine, so my dentist scraped off some of the enamel of my whole front row of teeth, leaving them an off white because the white part was scraped off…not good! I can’t wait to get a job with benefits so I can afford a dentist to fix my teeth. So, anyway, I’m always interested in any kind of whitening product, to see if it actually works. I’ve been using the Luster Now toothpaste for almost 2 weeks and it does make a slight difference. My teeth appeared a bit brighter/whiter right after using it. It’d probably work even better if your teeth are normal…ha.

As I explained in the beginning of the post, I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  Of course, the opinions on my blog are always my own and uninfluenced by outside sources/companies. Smile

That’s all for now.  This week my life is consumed by bridal shower preparations!  Hope to find more time to blog again soon! Smile  I hope you are all doing well. 
                                            ♥♥  Xoxo Gabriella

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