Friday, August 30, 2013

5 Fun Pastel Infused Outfits!

Ciao everyone!,
        Two posts in one day..,yay!  I have always loved pretty pastel colors, especially pink and mint green, as of late.  Usually these colors are prevalent in the spring, but this winter pastels (soft pinks particularly) seem like they’re going to be big as well (according to my September fashion magazine research…ha! Winking smile).  Here are some of my pretty pastel infused outfits from April & May.  I’ll definitely be wearing some of the pieces in the upcoming fall and winter though. Comment below and tell me, will you wear pastels in the fall and winter?  Or do you consider them a spring and summer thing? 
1.) Floral Pastel Lover
This outfit is the perfect pastel filled outfit.   I love this jean jacket from Target; it’s got flowers and a rainbow of pretty girly colors. Smile 
IMG_1354             IMG_1356IMG_1357  IMG_1358  IMG_1359
Jeans: DEB, Tank Top: Kohl’s, Blouse: Marshall’s, Floral Jean Jacket: Target, Flats: Lane Bryant 
2.) Interview Pretty & Chic
I was going for a classic business attire type outfit: white blouse, black pencil skirt, & black heels, but with a little personal touch: my favorite pastel pink blazer and a pretty cameo brooch.  I give myself an A for this outfit..ha!  Unfortunately, I was going to an interview for a school district that is a disaster and couldn’t afford to hire any new teachers this year (or re-hire the 100’s of teachers they aid off…uggh). 
IMG_1362              IMG_1364
Pink Blazer: NYC & Co., Top: Kohl’s, Pencil Skirt: Fashion Bug, Heels: KMart, Brooch: Local Accessory Store (I forget the name, it’s in a mall…)  
3.) Turquoise & Sequin Fun
IMG_1373                  IMG_1374
IMG_1376             IMG_1379IMG_1380
Jeans: DEB, Tank Top: Forever 21, Sequin Top: Marshall’s, Flats: Lane Bryant, Bracelets & Earrings: Forever 21
4.) Cupcakes & Flowers, Oh My!
I look like I was in a really good mood on this day.  It must have been because my sweet boyfriend (Hi Dominick! <3) sent me a bouquet of flowers shaped to look like a giant cupcake!  So cute!!!  I also liked my floral, girl outfit, which always makes me happy. Smile 
IMG_1420                  IMG_1422
IMG_1423            IMG_1426IMG_1428
IMG_1429            IMG_1430
IMG_1431            IMG_1432            IMG_1435
Dress: Ross, Tights & Headband: Forever 21, Wedge sneakers: ???, Jean Jacket: Lane Bryant, Heart Necklace: Gift from Dominick <3 
5.) Who Destroyed My Peaches?! Winking smile
I didn’t always like the ripped jeans look, but I thought I’d try it when I found these peach jeans.  I like them, it’s a fun interesting look. 
IMG_1453                        IMG_1455
IMG_1457                         IMG_1458
Fun nails!! Smile
IMG_1464                               IMG_1468
Jeans: DEB, Tank Top & Bracelets: Forever 21, Top: Marshall’s, Flats: Kohl’s 
                                                                                                                              ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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