Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Year in Love! One Year Anniversary with my Sweetheart!

Ciao dears!,
        I had so many plans to post so many things this summer…but like it tends to do, life got in the way.  I spent a lot of time doing crafts for my sister’s wedding and helping her prepare, which was so much fun but time consuming.  She just got married about two weeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful and such a fun time.  I’ve also been applying for teaching jobs (pray for me!) and getting things ready for that as well as dealing with other life issues.  I did have a bunch of time for some fun with my boyfriend, Dominick, as well as with my family and friends.  I feel like this is my “last summer” as a young person…if that makes sense.  It’s the last one before I have to be a real grown up and have a real job (hopefully soon!) so going out and being with people I love, going to the beach, and the occasional dress up day seemed like more fun than staying in and trying on my computer alone.  I love that too…but I needed a break.  I’ll share more of what I’ve been up to all summer later.  I promise in August (this month) I’m going to attempt to post a crazy amount of everything (fashion, recipes, life/personal posts, wedding DIY/crafts projects, short stories I’ve written, etc. etc.).
        So, the purpose of this post (before I went off on a tangent, ha!) is to tell you guys about a very exciting day.  Two days ago, July 30, was my one year anniversary of being together with my boyfriend, Dominick!!! (I spent a lot of the past few days with him and ran out of time to post it then..oops)  I’m super excited about it!  I love him so much and I love spending as much time as possible with him. <3  We’re almost always together and I love it! Smile  He makes me so happy and I’m sure I make him happy too.  Hi sweetheart, I know you’re going to read this (He loves my blog, and has been bugging me to post more…but then also takes up my time..ha!).  I love you to pieces!  We met about a year and seven months ago (January 2012), were friends for a while, and then started dating.  We’re inseparable: always either together or talking on the phone or texting.  We have so much fun together and we’re super happy and in love.  We spend a lot of time being all sweet and planning our future together. <3  I wouldn’t change a thing.           
        Dominick and I have sort of been celebrating all week.  On Saturday, we went to a nearby casino to gamble a little (slot machines are fun..only once in a while though) and have dinner.  I won $100.00 on a penny slot machine! I rarely win anything so that was exciting. Smile  We went to church together on Sunday and then had lunch at my dad’s restaurant.  We watched a few Disney movies, which we love to do together since we both love them.  On Tuesday, our anniversary, I made Dominick cookies because he loves when I bake for him.  I made red velvet cookies and chocolate browned butter cream sandwich cookies…yummy!  He surprised me by making me dinner: homemade sauce and pasta with turkey meatballs…also yummy!  He brought over some wine and we watched Roman Holiday and A Walk to Remember (because I love it!).  I made him this cute picture frame thing with pictures of us in it as well as a pretty card.  He made me a card as well with a sweet little poem inside. <3  On Wednesday we drove to Bova (an Italian food distributer/store) for a fun little trip to find delicious European chocolates (Kinder…mmm!).  We’re pretty cute together too…ha!  If you’d like to read/know more, I’m sure I’ve mentioned him many times on here before and posted a bunch of pictures of us together.  (Here are some posts about us or with pictures.)  Here’s a few pictures of us together, mostly more recent ones because I’ve posted older ones here already.
Here’s the first (left) and most recent picture (right) of us together.  We look a bit different.  
IMG_6756              IMG_4150 
Us being cute on our anniversary Smile
IMG_4143                     IMG_4146      
More cuteness and silliness!
IMG_3893    IMG_3911
Kisses! On Dominick’s 22nd birthday!
My Prince Charming!  He’s such a gentleman.

Us being sweet and silly…ha!

All dressed up!
IMG_3182             IMG_2282
I hope you enjoyed my little post about my sweetheart and I. Smile  I love you, Dominick, with all my heart, always!  (Ti amo così tanto, tesoro!)
P.S. Have you missed me readers? Or my posts?  Is anyone still reading this?  Comment below if you’d like.  Tell me what you’d like me to post about in the future. Smile 
                                                                            ♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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