Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mamma! <3 Family Is Everything

Ciao loves,
       These pictures we're taken on Mother’s Day.  Although that was a few month ago, it’s never a bad time to remember how much you love and appreciate your mom (or mother or mama or mamma, the Italian word for mommy that I called my mom as a child and still do sometimes Smile).  A lot of people tell us that we look alike, asking if we’re sisters or mother & daughter sometimes..hah!  I guess we do look alike, our faces and hair, definitely.  My mom is my best friend and always has been.  It’s a wonderful thing to be close with your mother.  We love doing things together like shopping, watching movies, chatting, cooking, etc.  One of our favorite things to do together is wander around the mall and then go for a yummy coffee drink in Barnes’ and Nobles’, to sip while reading a stack of fashion and other women’s magazines.  Being so close and spending a lot of time together, of course means we argue once in a while, which is normal and to be expected.  It’s never a big deal though and we get over it pretty quickly. Are any of you very close to or best friends with your mom or another family member?  Tell me about it in the comments.  Here’s some pictures of us together this past Mother’s Day.  My brother makes an appearance as well.  We’re all very close inn our own weird way.  My little (not really anymore Sad smile) brother is my little buddy, always has been.  We have always spent what he likes to call “Gabby & Tony” time together doing things like watching 10 movies all day or just hanging out and laughing at random stuff.  Smile  He was my first student (other than stuffed animals) when I used to “play school” as a child. (It’s thanks to me he’s so darn smart now…shh! lol).   He gets on my last nerve every other day as well…but that’s what little brothers do..ha!  I love both him and my mom to death though (and the rest of my family too). 
IMG_1726               IMG_1727
IMG_1729               IMG_1730
Making silly faces..and trying to to laugh..ha!  Smile
IMG_1735     IMG_1736
IMG_1739And here’s just me in my comfy maxi dress.      IMG_1714
       IMG_1717          IMG_1719IMG_1720        IMG_1722    IMG_1723
Dress: Kohl’s, Wedges: Shoe store in local mall?, Necklace: Zara (in Italy)
I was trying out a new bun hairdo.  What do you think?
                                                                                  ♥♥Xoxo Gabriella

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