Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maxi and Mini Summer Skirts/Dresses: 4 Outfits!

Ciao loves!,
        I’m sorry I missed posting anything this weekend or Monday.  I was busy with homework (yay graduate school…) and family and my boyfriend.  I’ll try to post an extra few posts soon to make up for it.  Here are some more summer outfits!  I love skirts and dresses in every season, but I did wear a lot of them this summer.  They’re more comfy and cooler in the summer than pants.  Plus I’m just super girly most of the time.  Enjoy!  Which do you like best?  Would you wear any of these in the Fall or Winter?  I’ll wear the black maxi dress and the blue skirt in the colder seasons with tights or sweaters/blazers/jackets, but not the other two.  They’re a bit too summery for that.
1.) Comfy Basic Black Maxi with Hints of Orange
I wore this dress quite a few times this summer (at least 4-5) because it is so easy to throw on and add a different belt, a pair of shoes, and a few accessories if you want and change the look a bit.   I wasn’t having the best hair day but it was a simple look anyway. 
IMG_2298                                  IMG_2299
IMG_2300                                 IMG_2302
Dress w/Belt: Forever 21, Wedges: Avenue
2.) Hippie Princess
I was taking a little trip to an old record store one day with my boyfriend.  So I decided my theme for the day would go along with that and be very floral and hippie-esque.  The flower earrings and little headband across my forehead compliment the floral maxi-dress for a perfect “hippie princess” or 70’s girl look. Smile
IMG_2312                                   IMG_2313
IMG_2314                  IMG_2316
IMG_2319                   IMG_2320
Dress, Headband, & Flip-flops: Forever 21, Earrings: Kohl’s, Belt: Store Downtown?, Shrug: ??
3.) Pretty Skirt…Evil Eyes!
I liked this outfit when I wore it.  I only manage to somewhat salvage 2 pictures of it.  I accidentally took the pictures too far zoomed out and it made my eyes red.  I tried fixing it, which usually works, but for some reason it wasn’t working.  So my eyes look terrible, but my skirt is cute…oh  well.   
IMG_2325                              IMG_2328
Skirt Tank Top, & Sandals: Kohl’s, Shrug: Dots (maybe?)
4.) Pleats and Vaguely See-Through…

IMG_2415                          IMG_2416
IMG_2417                            IMG_2418
My love…  <3

Skirt: Forever 21, Top: Francesca’s, Wedges: Sketcher’s, Eyelashes: Kiss Ever Ez Lashes (click for my review!)
                                                                   ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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