Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Principessa Wedding Series: How-To Make Treasure Chest Bridal Shower Favors!

Ciao dears,
        I know I missed a few days in my effort to post every day this month.  I made it to about halfway through the month and then got too busy.  Working as a substitute teacher and at my father’s restaurant, going to graduate school, and finding time to pay attention to my boyfriend keeps me very very busy lately.  I like it though but it is stressful.  I’m still going to try to post as much as possible.  Maybe this week/weekend I’ll finish a bunch of posts.  Keep checking back; I’m not going to disappear for too long any time soon.  Anyway I’ve mentioned that my sister got married this summer to you guys before and that I’ve been wanting to do a wedding craft tutorial/DIY series showing you all the pretty things I made for my sister’s wedding festivities.  Wedding preparations took up a lot of my summer, which was fine with me since it’s so fun and girly.
        Here’s a short tutorial on how I made these cute little treasure chest/box bridal shower favors!  They could be wedding favors too if you wanted.  I just bought the wooden boxes (they were wood colored before I painted them but I forgot to take a before picture…oops!) and all the supplies at a craft store (AC Moore) and came up with a cute way to decorate them based on the wedding and the bride.  Customize your own according to you theme/bride.  I bet gold ones would be really cute as well. 
Tutorial: Treasure Chest Bridal Shower Favors (Or Wedding Favors) 
Supplies: (All can be found at most craft stores like AC Moore or Michael’s…Always bring a coupon!)
Wooden Boxes
Silver Metallic (or any color you prefer) Spray Paint
Newspaper or trash bags (anything to cover the table or wherever you are painting)
Bag of plastic pearls
Bag of plastic “diamonds”
Butterfly stickers, decorations (or anything else you prefer to decorate with)
Candy (to put inside)
Tulle (to tie the candy in)
Small ribbon
Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Paper/Cardstock in whatever color you wish (for the inside)
Step 1: Lay down newspaper (trash bags or anything you don’t mind getting paint all over) on a table (or outside possibly).  Spray paint the boxes, making sure to get all sides and into all the creases.  Wait ten minutes and spray a second coat if it looks like you missed spots or if you want the color darker. (I did 2 coats.)       
Don’t they look pretty, all shiny and metallic?!
Step 2: After allowing a day (overnight) to dry, decorate your treasure boxes!  I used hot glue to glue a pearl decoration onto each corner and two “diamonds” onto the top of the boxes.  I also glued butterflies (because they have special meaning to my family and are pretty) to the front of the boxes.  Of course, you should decorate your boxes according to the wedding/bride and her taste.  These are just ideas/suggestions.   
Step 3: Wrap whatever little candies you chose in a small piece of tulle.  Tie a ribbon around the top in a bow.  (I forgot to take a picture of the inside.  Sorry.)
Step 4: Cut out a rectangle of paper (the size of the inside of your boxes, make sure it fits!) for each box.  Write the names of the couple getting married and their wedding date in nice handwriting and with pretty colored pens/markers (for a bridal shower) or whatever message you choose for the occasion.
That’s it!  Here’s the finished products!  I had fun making these with my mom and 2 nieces.  I hope someone finds this idea useful. Smile  
Here’s the table where we set up the favors at the bridal shower.  they make a cute decoration for the party as well.
                                                                                                                       ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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