Friday, September 13, 2013

Short Cinderella Dress! Date Night Pretty!

Ciao dears,
        I’m a bit late with today’s post, but I still got it in before midnight, so I’m still on track with my promise to post every day this month. Smile  I need to find time to set up all the rest do I don’t have to rush at the last minute.  Anyway, I saw this dress in Arden B. and knew I had to have it…immediately!  I rushed to the dressing room to try it on and was thrilled to twirl in this silver sequined and pale blue Cinderella-inspired dress!  It has a very very low back, which made me a bit nervous at first, but I love it still and think it looked nice.  I wore it out to dinner at a fancy, pretty restaurant (Bella Tori in Langhorne, PA) one night this summer with my boyfriend (Thanks Dominick!).  I will wear it again sometime this Fall or Winter with tights and a nice sweater or blazer as well.
IMG_2224    IMG_2225
IMG_2229                    IMG_2230
Dress: Arden B,  Heels: Avenue, Earrings, Bracelet, & Ring: Forever 21
IMG_2235                  IMG_2236
IMG_2237                  IMG_2241
                       IMG_2251IMG_2252          IMG_2253
IMG_2254                    IMG_2258
IMG_2260                      IMG_2261
IMG_2263                    IMG_2264
IMG_2265     IMG_2266      IMG_2268
IMG_2269                              IMG_2271
IMG_2274 IMG_2276 IMG_2278
How handsome is my Dominick in a suit?!  I always love when a man dresses up! <3  Mine!
IMG_2279              IMG_2282
IMG_2283                                IMG_2284
IMG_2286                     IMG_2287
Isn’t this place pretty?
IMG_2290       IMG_2291IMG_2292
                                                                             ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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