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Principessa Gift Guide/Wish List! What to Give the Princess in Your Life for Christmas!

Ciao dears!,

        I’ve missed talking to (or at?) you all!  I did pretty good with blogging for most of September…then I sucked and didn’t really find time to blog at all in October or the first half of November.  Getting used to my new job as a substitute teacher, working another job at my dad’s restaurant, going to graduate school, and finding time for my boyfriend and family (I need some free time for my sanity…ha!) takes up all of my time.  I really do love to write posts for you all (and myself..blogging is somewhat self indulgent and fun, I know), but it’s just been too much lately.  I seriously have a scary long list of blog posts that I WILL get to soon.  I’m still going to post the rest of my outfit pictures fro the summer (a while ago I know..but oh well, it’s still fun to look at older outfits, right?) and Fall, recipes, more wedding related posts (from my sister’s wedding), etc. etc.  I will find some time soon and plus I’ll have some time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas soon as well to blog a lot.  I’ll update you more on my life another time.

        On to the point…Christmas is coming!!!  Next month, I know it’s a little early but some people get ready or excited for the season early.  I’m super excited about baking, parties, seeing family & friends, wearing festive party dresses, and celebrating the fun holiday season!  Before I get to all my other posts, I wanted to make a fun (not so) little list of some pretty things to get a girlfriend, friend, mom, sister, or yourself this holiday season (some things like lingerie are only appropriate for a girlfriend/wife, obviously…)!  It’s also my dream Christmas wish list for this year that I thought would be fun to compile and window shop online… A girl can dream…  So, here are some ideas of what to get that special girl in your life for Christmas or some pretty things to buy yourself and where to find them.  (You can click any of the pictures to go to the sites.)

Principessa Gift Guide/Wish List

1.) Pretty Dresses and Skirts!

        What girly girl/princess doesn’t need precisely 10,000,000,012 pretty dresses?!   Hehe!  Here are a bunch that I’m currently coveting this holiday season.  The more tulle, tutu, poofyness, sparkle, and glitter, the better!  Yes, I included both skirts and dresses. They’re different but both fun to twirl in. Pettiskirts are a favorite of mine; they’re super fluffy and pretty.


        I adore all the dresses on this site so much!  I love the gorgeous vintage swing dresses worn with petticoats!  I own two of their dresses so far, but I’d love to own them all.  It’s hard to pick favorites.  The only negative about this site is their sizing runs way too small compared to almost everywhere else, so check their sizing chart and measure yourself before ordering. 

I’m thinking of getting this one to wear on Christmas.               I think I might get this pretty green one too for a Christmas party.

redchristmasdress             greendress

polkadotdress    Black-White-Jitterbug-Swing-37527larger

I need a black petticoat to wear with the red Christmas dress.     The red petticoat would be cute with the green dress at

They make swing dresses so much fun!                                         Christmastime or with black dresses!

491cnewlarger     465cnewlarger


       This skirt is the most coveted thing on my wish list!  It’s a perfect princess poufy skirt!  If I had to choose just one thing in the world to have right now, this is it!  (Overdramatic much?! ha…)  I even had to include two different pictures of this skirt in different colors.  I’ve been looking at this skirt for months, but it’s a bit expensive ($350), so I’m waiting until I can save up for it one day or maybe if there’s a sale (Maybe black Friday weekend).  I would love it in the pink (light) color (44 inch length, waist 34-38, in case anyone loves me enough to buy it for me…lol!).  It’s such a gorgeous chiffon dream of a skirt.  I’d probably spend hours just happily twirling in it and taking pictures…hehe!  One day I’ll have one.  (Click on one of these pictures and scroll about halfway down the page to see them or buy one.)    


I adore pettiskirts!  I want pretty much every other skirt on that site as well.  The black with ivory one is lovely.  (I already have a hot pink one and a purple/blue skirt from here and they are gorgeous!)

        This is another site featuring gorgeous and unique vintage inspired pieces.  So much pretty stuff!  I love their skirts.

2629_1_                                 1814_1_   


        This site has so many pretty dresses but I couldn’t get the pictures to work on here.  Just click the site above and go see for yourself.  There are pages and pages of gorgeous and unique dresses among other things.

  • Rose Gold Dress from!


Lots of pretty stuff on this site as well…










  • (Or the actual store of course)

        Forever 21 always has tons of pretty things on the less expensive side.  (Yes, I know my taste is kind of expensive at times, but I can’t help it… I think I’m a princess, remember? ha!).   Here’s a few of their pretty dresses that I love.

seq seqb pre


  • Pretty Spots From Urban Outfitters!  How adorable is this one?!


  • Other Actual Stores (not websites, I mean) to Find Pretty Things at decent prices:



Or Anywhere else you know the lady in your life shops!

2.) Purses

I adore Betsey Johnson!  The woman, her style, her clothing line, and of course her purses!  This pink one with a giant glittery bow is to die for!


I love this cross body polka dot sparkly one as well!                          And this sparkly one!



3.) Shoes (Because what girl doesn’t love them ?!)

Modcloth has so many pretty and fun heels!

greenheel flowerhwwl kittyheel

        ampersandheel These look cute and have a chunky heel (better to walk in!)

        **As much as I love a pretty heel, sometimes a girl needs a pretty shoe she can actually walk comfortably in!  I adore these gold glittery tennis shoes from Kate Spade for Keds!  They’d be prefect to wear with dresses or anything else without looking boring and being uncomfortable. Smile **

imageSO cute!!

4.) Makeup

MAC always has pretty sets at Christmas time and they’re cheaper than if you bought the products individually.

 Nocturnals Lip Gloss: Pink Stroke of Midnight Eye Bag: Gold  Stroke of Midnight: Viva Glamorous

Sephora also has so many pretty holiday sets!

Too Faced - A Few of My Favorite Things Smashbox - Wondervision Lip Gloss Set Tarte - The Tarte of Giving Collector's Set & Travel Bag Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tar All-Star Mini x 4 Set 

5.) Pretty Lingerie

        Every girl want to feel like a princess every day.  What better way to make her feel pretty than pretty feminine underthings.  (Only if you’ve been dating a long time…)  Victoria’s Secret has some really pretty, sexy lingerie.

vicsec         vic2         vic3

 image          image

6.) Holiday Scented things from Bath & Body Works!

I love the holiday scents from Bath & Body Works every year at Christmas time!  They’re all so yummy smelling!  I especially love the Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Winter Candy Apple but I’d love to try the other ones too!

Twisted Peppermint Sparkle & Shine Gift Set - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works              Winter Candy Apple Sparkle & Shine Gift Set - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works               Twisted Peppermint Ultimate Fragrance Fan Gift Set - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

7.) Jewelry!

        On any occasion when you’re unsure what to give a girl, jewelry is always a good solution!  If you’re a man shopping for your girlfriend/wife, real jewelry is obviously the only option for Christmas or an important occasion.  Fake/costume jewelry is nice for women to buy themselves for fun…but I think it’s a little weird and cheap to give as a gift. (Exception: If you take your girlfriend shopping and she wants a piece of costume jewelry, then it’s nice to buy it for her.)  No pictures for this one.  Choose something for the girl in your life based on her taste and style.  Look at what she likes and pick something special for her.

**A Few Shopping Tips!**

  • When shopping for a girlfriend (or anyone else, really), make sure to find out her size!  Whether it’s clothes or shoes or whatever, you don’t want to get the wrong one.  Either ask her (probably the best bet!) or maybe her friends/family if possible.
  • When shopping online, ALWAYS look for a coupon code before checking out!!  Google the store/website name and coupon code and there’s a good chance you’ll find one (make sure it works as sometimes there’s some that don’t or have expired!)  
  • This site usually has a lot of good coupon codes!
  • Check the top of the site your on!  Sometimes there’s a sale or coupon code being advertised up there!
  • Often, if you sign up for the sale/ad emails for a site, they will send you a coupon (right away sometimes).

        So, I hope that helps someone choose a gift for a special girl in their life or was just fun to look through!  I had fun writing this and dreaming of pretty things. Smile  Hopefully, I'll be back soon with more posts.  Happy early holiday season!

*All pictures belong to the site to where they link and are only used for reference.

                                                                                 ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella   IMG_5097

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