Saturday, January 25, 2014

Principessa Wedding Series: How-To Make A Beautiful Handmade Wedding Album (Great Gift!)

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Ciao dears!,
        How beautiful is this wedding album I made as a gift for my sister!?  It’s pretty simple to make and is a cute gift idea for a bride to be.  Don’t forget to check out the other 2 posts in my wedding series: how to make treasure chest bridal shower favors and how to make a brooch bouquet.  Here’s how you make one.
  • A 12x12 Blank Album (white or ivory, preferably one with an opening for a photo on the front)
  • Lace (to go around the edges)
  • A Bunch of Synthetic Flowers
  • Pearl Beads
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Stickers (I used that Wedding one.) or any other decorations you’d like (I also used Butterflies).   
1.) Glue pearls around the frame/opening in the center.  This is a bit tedious because you have to glue one at a time and you might burn or glue a finger or two…but it’s worth it for the prettiness.      
2.) Glue the lace around the top, bottom, and outer side of the book.
3.) Cut the flowers off of their stems (if they have them) and begin to arrange them along the left side of your album without gluing yet.  Get them the way you like them and then glue them all in place.    
4.) Add any other decorations or stickers like the white butterflies I added or the “Wedding” sticker.        
Here’s the back of the book.  There’s nothing fancy on it because then it wouldn’t lay flat.                              
That’s all for now.  I’ll have a few more posts in this series soon.
                                                          ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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