Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Preview! Dress Up Time!

Ciao dears,

        I hope you’re having a lovely week!  This is just a quick update to remind you all that I’m still intending on posting the many many ideas I have planned including fashion, cooking, baking, and many more kinds of posts!  I have been busy with work and college and family lately (what else is new…), so I haven’t been able to get the posts up just yet.  Within the next few days, however, I will be posting a three part (3 different posts) series featuring some fun tutu filled dress up outfits!  Because when is it not fun to twirl in a tutu? Never!  Here’s a sneak preview of one of the outfits!  Enjoy!   Check back in the next couple days for more!  I appreciate all of you who consistently read my blog as well as any new readers! (Hello if you're a new reader! Check out my new about page for a preview of what my blog is all about!) 


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