Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scandalous Shorts…

Ciao darlings,

        I have mentioned a few times how I almost never used to wear shorts before, when I was heavier, at least not outside my house or on my blog where anyone can see.  Then, I got over it and wanted to try a few pairs once in a while in the summer.  I don’t care if my legs still aren’t thin, they’re thinner than a year or 2 ago.  If you’re worried about wearing shorts because you’re not a size 2, try it!  No one who matters cares what you want to wear or would say anything negative about it.  I found this floral pair and knew I wanted to be adventurous and try wearing them.  I had a bit of fun styling them two different ways and having a little photo-shoot. Smile  They may be a bit scandalous, for me anyway, especially the second look.  Oh well…  I like them.  The mint colored top is very flow-y and loose and I though it would sort of offset the tight shorts…  I’m not sure how much I like it though.  It makes me look bigger because of the extra loose fabric.

1.) Short Shorts & a Flowy Top

IMG_2854        IMG_2855       IMG_2856

Shorts: Target, Top: Kohl’s, Heels: DEB, Sunglasses & Bracelets: Forever 21

IMG_2857          IMG_2860          IMG_2863

IMG_2864         IMG_2866         IMG_2867

IMG_2868                                    IMG_2871


IMG_2879                      IMG_2882

2.) Shorts and a Sheer Crop Top…Oh My!

        This is not an outfit, you’d usually find me in, but I was feeling like trying something new for fun.  No, my stomach isn’t flat, but it looks better than it did a year or 2 ago as well.  I hope to lose more weight by this summer so I can wear things like this and not feel silly.  I like the way it looked. Smile  Wear what you want and what makes you happy, sometimes even push your boundaries…it’s fun and liberating.  Smile

IMG_2886                           IMG_2887

IMG_2891                             IMG_2894

Top: Marshall’s, Bra: Victoria’s Secret, Sunglasses: Forever 21


                                                               ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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