Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summer Fashion: Shorts, Lace, & Pastels! 5 Outfits!

Ciao darlings,

        I hope you’re enjoying my constant posting.  There’s many many more posts to come, so check back every day! Smile  I’m trying to post tons this month to catch up as much as possible! Don’t forget to follow the blog through Google Plus or anything else, all on the right. Smile

1.) Pink or White?

        This dress is actually a very pale pink, but in pictures it looks white.  It’s flowy and feminine, perfect for summer.   

IMG_3466                   IMG_3467

IMG_3469                        IMG_3470

IMG_3471                             IMG_3472

IMG_3473                          IMG_3474


Dress: Ross, Sandals: Cherry Hill Mall shoe store, Belt: Downtown Philadelphia somewhere, Necklace: Flea Market, Ring: Forever 21


2.) Purple & Blue Shorts Casual

IMG_3815                         IMG_3816

IMG_3817                            IMG_3818

IMG_3819                        IMG_3820


Shorts: JC Penny, Wedges: Cherry Hill Mall shoe store?, Top: Lane Bryant

3.) Daisy…

IMG_3825                   IMG_3826

IMG_3828                         IMG_3829

IMG_3830                          IMG_3831

IMG_3834            IMG_3835

IMG_3836         IMG_3837

IMG_3838 IMG_3840

Shorts: ??, Top: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: same as above, Flower clips: I made them

  4.) Lacey & Minty Date Night!

        I love the lace back of this top, especially with the matching colored bustier underneath showing through.  I also tried out a chignon hairstyle for the first time…I guess it turned out okay.

IMG_3876                         IMG_3877

IMG_3878      IMG_3879     IMG_3881

IMG_3882                      IMG_3883

IMG_3884        IMG_3885

IMG_3886              IMG_3887








Top: Marshall’s, Skirt: ?, Earrings: Kohl’s, Shoes: Same as above, Bracelet: Torrid

5.) Pastel Rainbow

IMG_3897                        IMG_3898

IMG_3899                      IMG_3901

IMG_3902                  IMG_3903

IMG_3904                       IMG_3905

IMG_3910          IMG_3911


I’m not sure what he said..but it must’ve made me laugh…ha! Smile


Dress: Forever 21, Wedges: ??, Hairclip: I made it., Earrings: Kohl’s

                                                                                                        ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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