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Easy Salon Straight Hair: Coolway True Smooth Spray Review!

coolway true smooth

Ciao dears!,

        I’ve missed you!  I posted a bunch of posts in the beginning of March and then got super busy, as always.  I still have a ton of new posts coming soon, so keep checking back!  Today’s topic is a review of a hair product I know lots of girls would love: Coolway’s True Smooth Spray!  It is basically a straightening spray that also strengthens your hair, protects it from heat and prevents breakage.  How awesome is that!?  I love products that don’t damage your hair but protect it while styling it, especially since I have so much hair.  Here’s a quote from a Beauty Stat newsletter to further describe the spray:

“True Smooth™ contains °Coolway’s groundbreaking Amino Lock MAB molecule, which is activated by your own blow dryer to hold your style from the inside of the hair as you are drying it. You’ll get the same smooth, frizz-free results you would get from a flat iron without the damage and actually using one. True Smooth™ customers are calling it “a blow-dry bar in a bottle.” It is even clinically proven to strengthen hair up to 4Xs and reduce breakage by 75%!”

Here are a few key points about True Smooth Spray as well (from the Coolway website):

  • Look like you just stepped out of a salon, everyday
  • Get flat iron results with just your blow dryer
  • Fast and easy! Blow Dry to smooth in half the time
  • Clinically proven to: Strengthen hair four times
    reduce hair breakage by 75%, and reduce frizz by 50%
  • Safe and effective for all hair types

        Sounds great right?!   The question is…does it really work?    I tested it out twice to find out just that.

Before: For reference, this is what my natural hair looks like if I blow dry it and let it be wavy/curly on it’s own without and kind of iron.

It’s super wavy/curly and frizzy and pretty much the opposite of straight and smooth.



Trial 1:

        Here’s what my hair looked like after the first time I tried the True Smooth spray.  After washing my hair, as it was very damp, I sprayed 45 sprays throughout my hair and combed it through.  It was recommended by BeautyStat/Coolway that you shake the bottle then apply either 25 (for short hair), 35 (for shoulder length hair), or 45 (for longer hair) sprays evenly throughout hair.

        It did make my hair pretty straight and smooth, not really too frizzy, as my hair tends to be.  If I try to blow dry my hair straight without any product, it’d be huge, poufy, frizzy, and in need of a flat iron, BUT when using the True Smooth spray, it’s much better looking.  I could use an iron to get a super straight look, but this is more voluminous and looks more like you just came out of a salon. Smile  Another awesome benefit of this spray is that it shortens your drying time.  I generally avoid blow drying my hair straight very often because it takes me about an hour, maybe a few minutes more.  Using this spray, it only took me about 35 or so minutes.  Keep in mind my hair is super thick, so of course most people would need a much shorter time.   

IMG_9350         IMG_9355

Trial 2:

        I tried the product a second time, as was suggested by Beauty Stat.  It worked pretty much the same, but maybe a bit better.  My hair was again smooth and straight and frizz free.


        Overall based on my results, I would definitely recommend this product.  If it works pretty well for my thick curly hair I’m sure it will work well for any other hair type as well.  If you’d like to buy and try out this spray for yourself, you can use the coupon code: BeautyStat14 to receive a 10% discount on all°Coolway purchases at www.coolwayhair.com (not including shipping revenue and taxes) or you can try it with a 30 day money back guarantee at getcoolway.com.  It sells for $24.95 a bottle.

P.S. This item was provided for review courtesy of BeautyStat.com.

                                                                                   ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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