Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Outfits: Casual, Sexy Animal Print, & Blue Floral

Ciao everyone!,
        Here are three more outfits from last summer! Enjoy!  Which one/s do you like? Comment and tell me your thoughts!
1. Casual Layers and Leggings
        I wore this to work when I used to work as a cashier at my father’s restaurant.  I always hated dressing for there because I couldn’t wear pretty dresses or skirts or heels.  I was always trying to fid a way to be comfy and cute to go there.            
IMG_4117                  IMG_4120
              IMG_4121            IMG_4122
Leggings: ??, Green Top: Kohl’s, Tank top: DEB, Sneakers/Flats: Fashion Bug, Belt: Store downtown?, Necklace: gift from my fiancé
2. Anniversary Cheetah Print!
        These pictures are from my first anniversary with my boyfriend, now fiancé, Dominick.  I made him that picture collage thing we’re holding.  He loves when I wear cheetah print, so I thought this was a fun dress for the occasion.  It’s Sofia Vergara for Kmart…    
 IMG_4142              IMG_4143
IMG_4145                 IMG_4146
IMG_4147                          IMG_4148
IMG_4149            IMG_4150
IMG_4153  IMG_4154
IMG_4155                  IMG_4156
IMG_4158                    IMG_4159
Dress: Sofia Vergara for Kmart, Heels: Easy Pickens, Necklace: gift from my fiancé (Kohl’s)
3. Bova Bella!
        I wore this on a fun little trip to Bova, an Italian food distributer/market.  They have all kinds of yummy things there like fancy Italian chocolates, cheeses, etc. and it’s fun to go visit.        

Dress: Target, Belt: random store downtown, Wedges: Shoe store in the Oxford Valley Mall, Purse: Betsey Johnson (from Ross), Earrings: Forever 21
Random picture of Dominick and  being cute!!
                                                                                                         ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella

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