Ciao dears!

        Welcome to my blog: Principessa Gabriella!

What does the name mean, you ask?

        Well, Principessa is the Italian word for princess and I'm Italian and I think I'm a princess...ha!  Really, I just love all things princess-related, girly, and pretty!  You can find me twirling in a tutu or poufy dress on any given day.  Gabriella is my first name, so Principessa Gabriella seemed like the perfect thing to sum up the place where I write about and share pictures of all of my favorite things.

        So, this blog is generally about me and all the things I love.  These include but are not limited to all things pretty, pink, and sparkly!  

Who am I and what will you find on my blog?

        Well, for starters, I am a Certified Teacher, Cupcake Baker, and Tutu Twirler!  Ha!  I am a college graduate (2013: Magna Cum Laude with a 3.8 G.P.A.) with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in English Literature.  I am currently in graduate school to obtain my Master's degree in Education as a Reading Specialist.  I am currently working as a substitute teacher in 2 school districts as well as being the face of my father’s Italian restaurant, and working there as a cashier/bookkeeper some nights.   I am very creative, so I love to cook or bake new things all the time as well as do crafts of all kinds including home décor projects.  I absolutely adore fashion, so that's one of the most prominent focuses of my blog!  Getting dressed everyday is a fun activity: a way to express yourself through the pretty colors and fabrics and patterns you wear.  I also adore trying new things with my hair and makeup as another fun way of playing with my style.  I have a huge obsession with accessories of all kinds.  They allow you to change your outfit and make it more personal and interesting.  

Of course, as a blogger, I also adore writing.  I write posts to go along with my outfit pictures or any other type of post, diary/life update posts, short stories, poems, educational papers/research, etc.  Another aspect of my blog that I haven't fully developed yet but have always intended to is my love of Walt Disney, his movies, the company, the parks,  and anything Disney related.  I guess that related to the princess obsession as well.  Because I have always loved reading and studied a lot of literature throughout college and on my own, books are also a topic you will see on this blog.  I also write about any traveling I happen to be able to do.  I’ve been to Italy 3 times, Canada twice, and places closer to home, like New York City, a bunch of times.  Like many people, I also love music, movies, and TV shows, so from time to time, I’ll post about my favorites of those as well.    

I am also in a relationship with a wonderful man, Dominick, whom you will see me write about or include pictures of him sometimes.  We’ve been dating for almost 2 years, and he is my perfect prince.  Every fairytale princess needs her prince.  I am also a very family-oriented person, so you will probably see me mention my various family members sometimes, or even include pictures of them or from family events.  I am a very proud aunt to two lovely girls (Julie & Tori) and a sweet little boy, Joey, so I may also mention them as well.  

        As the blog and I change and grow over time, I may add more topics to reflect that.   If you’d like to read more random facts about me, see this post of reflections from my 21st birthdayI hope you found this page helpful and are interested in following my blog.  Feel free to do so through email, Facebook, Google +, Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin, and/or Twitter, which can all be found on the right side of the blog or just click them here.  Enjoy dears and don't forget to comment on anything you wish!  I love hearing from anyone who reads my blog. :)  

                                                                                ♥♥ Xoxo Gabriella


  1. Non sei 'curvy', sei Fat. Però non c'é niente di male ad essere 'fat'. Grasso non significa brutto, o non attraente.

  2. What's your last name so I can site my sources?

    1. Sorry, I'd rather not give that information out. Cite it for what?


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